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firstremodel 08-11-2015 11:26 PM

window makeover
im working on the windows and I have small amount of color discoloration in-between the double pain window like many others on this site.
I haven't taken the aluminum off yet but...
im not sure if the (small discolor) is worth taking the whole window apart.
am I over thinking it and should I back off haha:bb:
if its not to bad please let me know.
I ripped off the gray plastic seal (it was already coming off ) and I heard that im supposed to save that oopps. I bought clear sealer and im going to seal it without the strip I removed ? lol bad choice ? or ok ?:D

already re-weather stripped , polished it and made that fuzzy tassel stuff that go's in-between the window arms/lifts.

by the way it looks great ill post how I made them soon.
modern black so it wont get dirty old looking ! wonderful :D

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