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Sanders 09-26-2004 07:28 PM

What is this material named?
Hi friends,
This is my first post as a new member. I am restoring my mom's "74" Excella 500! I am very excited about this project! As a family, we had some great times in the old gal! I am looking for a used truck or suburban to tow it with this winter and have been spending the summer weekends working on the camper. It has been sitting up for quite some time. It is at the opposite end of the state, so this is every-other-weekend, drive down there, slow going. Nonetheless, it is slowly coming together. I am amazed at how well it has held up despite the neglect! So much of the work I have done has been hidden from view, plumbing, wiring, etc.... What I need to do for my own inspiration to continue working and putting money into the project is to do some easy, highly visible, and "feel good" repairs. Many of the roll-up storage drawers are damaged. What do you call this stuff and can I repair these or are they available somewhere? I don't quite know how to describe them, other than to say that they are the covers for the storage comparments found throughout the trailer. They roll-up or down and are accordion like. Can anyone tell me what they call this material? Thanks

thenewkid64 09-26-2004 07:48 PM

Welcome to the forums!

The term for the roll ups is tambour. Run a search in it in the search box and you will find a ton of posts on it.

Sanders 09-27-2004 03:51 PM

Tambour repair, step by step
Thanks Brett G!
Wow! After you told me the material was called "Tambour," I was able to find information easily on the internet and here in the forums! A web site by a manufacturer recommended using contact cement to glue a non-stretching cloth to the back of the tambour to repair the breaks. Lo and behold! Here in a previous thread is an article by "Chuck" with a link for step-by-step instructions for DIY!!! I have placed the link below, hope I did it right! I can't wait to get back home and get started. Thanks for the info.!

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