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JeepinAudiophile 09-20-2004 10:24 AM

Replacement Toilet for Thetford Aqua Magic?
I have a 68' tradewind, and the toilet is beyond repair... The area that it sits in is very tight. We are replacing the tank below it with a completely re-designed tank(replaced the 17 gallon with a 35 gallon) Whenare finished with the shell-off and we go to put in the interior back in, we are going to cut the hole and install the new toilet. Problem is, I don't know what toilet to replace it with that will sit in the same way. Also, since the floor and tank has been replaced, i guess that the hole does not need to be in the exact same place. What toilets does this leave me with in order to keep the original look and fit in the area at the same height?
My AS has the full bed... the layout looking towards the rear is sink on the left with cabinets and mirror, center is the window with a small shelf below it, and the toilet in the center but off to the right, with a shelf at the top of the toilet seat that connects to the shower/tub. (shower/tub kinda wraps around the toilet)

TomW 09-20-2004 12:05 PM

Sealand's Traveller Lite toilet may be close to what you already have.


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