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ranchmink 07-13-2015 03:38 PM

1981 MoHo Diesel Converter/Battery Charger
I am not getting any 12 volt power out of my Triad Utrad converter battery charger. I tested all the leads coming out. It creates heat and makes a slight noise which seems normal. I notices a wet area not water inside the unit with funny drill residues look like items. I have to assume its toast. I just got this and bought it knowing the unit did not work. What I would like input on is what is a good replacement for the TU-570-6 converter battery charger. I saw a WFCO converter Charger at Camping World and not sure if this would work or not model#58326. Would like some help on this which direction go go

Kota 07-13-2015 05:54 PM

1981 MoHo Diesel Converter/Battery Charger
Talk to these guys. Cheap and easy solution with superior performance.

ranchmink 07-13-2015 06:24 PM

I sent them an inquiry will let you know their response. Thank you

ranchmink 07-15-2015 09:10 AM

I just ordered the converter from Best. I will update forum upon receipt on how the install is going after receipt. They answered my questions and where very responsive.

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