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israndy 06-15-2015 07:36 AM

2005 Airstream Skydeck
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Moving the thread to here as it was blowing up on the For Sale thread:

I just purchased a 2005, as did member PSchw. Others were giving advice.

Kiwiman2157 ask why I called the unit trashed, the photos look GREAT if you make them small enough. My unit was formerly a football team's. They did a bus wrap to it.

Attachment 240713

You can almost see it in this photo, the orange on the window and along the top, the biggest oops is on the slide. You see what looks like a reflection? The dark area in the silver paint, but the red is unaffected? That is where the wrap bled through and impregnated the paint.

You can also see that the slide out is greenish inside, that's all bus wrap. I tried pealing it off and it flakes off in little 1 x .5 mm flakes. I have my work cut out. You can also see the black of the deck furniture, it's not supposed to be black.

You also mentioned leaking of units that had lots of people on them. Yes, there is staining on the wall fabric in front and back and down the staircase. It also has sat, which I understand is worse than going, especially with a diesel. It only has 6K miles on it after 10 years, although the genset is over 8000 hours.

The wife was looking for a unit with a dishwasher and a king bed, instead I got one with a roof patio. At least the kitchen will allow a dishwasher. Ours has the big fridge, which she will like. Dead microwave so we can pick out a new one together and plenty of storage for our year on the road I have planned.

If I discover more I'll post here. It is in Missouri, while I am in the SF Bay area. When they get the check today I expect they will overnight me the title and then I am going to have the dealer start on repairs before I pick it up. When I went there to drive it I was shocked by the list of problems and decided not to buy that day, but today is the day now that we agreed on price so I have some money to work on the list of repairs.


Skater 06-15-2015 08:23 AM

Nice find. I've always wondered how many of those were made. It is an interesting idea and design (not something we'd use, but I love the idea).

masseyfarm 06-15-2015 10:54 AM

Looks like a worthwhile project. I have never seen one up close but always thought if AIRSTREAM has made this in a 3 axle 45', they would have sold a million of them. Have fun, and keep us up to date on your adventures.

Kiwiman2157 06-15-2015 01:43 PM

Hang in there isRandy!
You have a FANTASTIC unit!! Great factory color scheme and the that is the lowest priced and lowest mileage Skydeck I have seen!
I did see the listing on RVT after I asked and it this IS a beautiful unit under all the left over bits of wrap.
Having been through the "rescue, care and resurrection" of THREE Airstream motorhomes over the last 12 years, I think that I would worry about sealing the roof first. This first year should be gradually working on the stuff like that to preserve what you have.
6000 miles is very low but, sitting does not do diesels much good. I assume the engine and all of that is doing OK.
Next, even though they are 22.5 inch tires, I would check the "age" of the tires. Are they weather checked? etc.
The crack on the right side windscreen can wait unless you have a safety inspection in CA.
At some point, find a good upholsterer to look at doing the upstairs cushions for you.
Find some one who does wraps to advice what needs to be done about the pieces of wrap still on there. It would be worth hiring someone I think to get rid of the rest of the that carefully to not damage the finish!
After the roof leaks have been tamed, then look into repairing the interior stains.
This has a washer onboard that was a $2000? option so adding a dishwasher should be ok.
This is a platform bed so should be not to bad to extend the foundation for a King size mattress. It could have been worse! It could have been a bar set up or the folding couches! YAH!
Please so not let this overwhelm you! Remember, this is a RARE unit! You will gather admirers wherever you go!
This was a $300,000 motorhome 10 years ago so, it will take some effort and patience since you are now the custodian of this fine piece of equipment.
Hang in there!
When I went to get my 1986 Airstream 345 motor home, it had a broken window not disclosed and mice had lived in it for 2 years while it sat on the dealers lot!!

weirdstuff 06-15-2015 02:05 PM

Very nice! There was a skydeck unit at Jackson Center when we were there last summer. Didn't get to look inside, but it was pretty cool looking.

PSchw 06-15-2015 04:56 PM

Year his is the one I looked at about a 6 weeks ago. Could not convinced my wife to buy it. It is in St. Claire MO . It has also some damages on the passenger side to the side wall and to the storage doors. Has lots of water intrusion so there is possible mold. It did belong to a school in FL they used it for tailgating and otherwise it was sitting in the sun. The mileage on it was an issue as diesel don't like to sit. Mine got 50k on it which is not a lot and it was stored inside.
In the last 3 month I looked at 4 of the 2 sold before I could get to it.
It is a unique unit and I pick mine up next Monday if I could figure out how to put a picture I would. I a week I take some and post them.

PSchw 06-15-2015 05:18 PM

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Hope this worked and got the picture in more to follow next week.

israndy 06-16-2015 09:00 AM

Holy smoke! That is nice! Cardinal and Gold, my school colors, but what's really shocking is I did an All Google/All Bing search of the inter webs and found nothing of the sort. Where was this gem hiding? Gotta do something about those flags, unless nascar is your bag.

Kiwiman2157, the tires are new, probably were so bad it could not be moved with them there. Thanks for your other advice on repair steps. I am going to have the dealer replace the one windscreen as he is able to do it for $900. Also going to have him refurb the patio furniture as he can do it for $2500, hopefully including the rusted motors that lift the safety railings. Also going to have him replace the stained wall fabric and find the leaks. The thermal windows have leaked so going to get a quote from him. I know there are places that will rebuild the windows for less than buying new. He said he could just refill with nitrogen and reseal, but I don't know if that removes the moisture. The step cover requires pulling to come out, so I wanted him to fix that too. Oh, and that silver paint I mentioned earlier.

I am then driving it home to CA so perhaps I can stop and pick up cheap batteries, but he says he can get me some new 4Ds that he gets a deal on, also replace the toilet with ceramic for cheap...

Does anyone make automatic basement locks that work on the same key fob as the door, or is there a key fob at all? Looking forward to redecorating. Got really inspired by this Airstream Skydeck. Same paint job and everything. Alameda, where I live, is an island, so lots of places to custom make that bimini for the sun bed area.

Skater, my wife thinks the skydeck part is just a waste of space too. Why have a staircase that just takes up the space of the dinette. I am looking at it from several perspectives. Our dogs will likely love it, twice the space to play when parked w/o having to go out. That small door to the roof could be left open all the time we are stopped so they could come and go as they get hot or cold. Give them a perch to see what is passing by where they could defend w/o being threatening. Thinking about lining the deck with fake grass to make it comfortable for all to be up there.

For me I find, in my current RV, that I am up the opening skylight all the time. Seeing the planes flying by at the airshow or when I hear a noise outside, I don't look thru the curtain, I pop my head out the roof. If it is someone bad, they can't just grab me. The skydeck gives me those abilities and more. Launch my future drone from up there, or set up a telescope. Or bring back 2 x 8 x 39 feet of new snow to the unfreezing bay area. Actually, how do you get rid of that snow while it's still winter, hmmm.... need to figure that out. It apparently has heated tanks and 34,000 BTUs from just one of the furnaces, should be good in cold weather.


israndy 06-16-2015 09:19 AM

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PSchw, I mean I scoured the internet and I never saw that. Saw a lot of them:

Attachment 240782

Attachment 240783

Attachment 240784

Attachment 240785

Attachment 240786

Attachment 240787

Attachment 240788

Attachment 240789

Attachment 240790

Attachment 240791

Wonder if there is a database of these somewhere...


israndy 06-16-2015 09:53 AM

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Attachment 240796

Attachment 240797

Attachment 240798

Attachment 240800

Attachment 240801

Attachment 240802

Attachment 240803

Attachment 240804

Attachment 240805

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israndy 06-16-2015 10:08 AM

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Attachment 240807

Attachment 240808

Well, removing all the duplicates, these are the ones represented on the inter webs. If you know the owners let us know what's up with them. I think it would be good to compare notes between Skydeck owners. Of course 3 of them at least are rental units probably not loved by a specific family, but Skydecks are too nice not to share, so I understand.

Attachment 240809

We could also track the end of these units as so few were made.


israndy 06-16-2015 04:30 PM

Hmm…. at 2 pm after posting this photos at 8 am I am only seeing the first message with photos in it. Earlier I didn't see the message before the photos and I added much of it's text to the first post of the photos entry. Then that missing post returned and I edited the first photos entry. This is not responding like other BBoards I am a member of…


DKB_SATX 06-16-2015 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by israndy (Post 1637919)
Hmm…. at 2 pm after posting this photos at 8 am I am only seeing the first message with photos in it. Earlier I didn't see the message before the photos and I added much of it's text to the first post of the photos entry. Then that missing post returned and I edited the first photos entry. This is not responding like other BBoards I am a member of…


I think something is going on with the way thumbnails are handled on recent posts. I'll bring that up with the technical folks.

PSchw 06-17-2015 07:59 AM

I don't mind the checker flag and I am ok with nascar. One place the skydeck is a benefit.
Mine was a repossession gotten in somebody's garage with a bunch of high end cars.
Got lucky after I lost 2 to other buyers.
Mine need some work too I got some small damage on windshield as well as the driver side window is fogged. The mattress and headboard need to be replaced.
I want to replace the carpet and put a porcelain toilet in.

israndy 06-17-2015 10:07 AM

Yeah, I got my guy to do the porcelain toilet too ($200), it's $900 for the windshield. He is getting me a quote for the fogged windows, new batteries, repainting the silver, replacing the stained wall cloth, and fixing the step well cover that has to be pulled out to close.

We will get another mattress too, we have a guy in Arizona, can make any size, may have him make one slightly larger than Queen and extend the base for more sleeping space, removing one side cabinet.

How is your patio furniture? He had a guy that was gonna do it for $2500 (replacing the pads, and maybe fixing the motors) but he is now saying I should source it locally... Thinks it would be better to be artistic than cheap, not sure I agree.

I also have a bunch of annoying things that I guess I will fix as the years go by, sliding door not sliding, couch not bolted to slide, missing windshield fans, heck first thing I have to do is get a windshield TV as the one that was there is gone.

Are you going to keep the Interstate? Seems like it's new enough and you could still get much of your investment back by selling it. I was thinking of towing my Sprinter RV with the Airstream, my toad would be another RV! Could be used as a home office and as our touring vehicle while the Skydeck would be the home base. Leave it at annual flat-rate campsites while we take mini-tours of the surrounds.


masseyfarm 06-17-2015 10:32 AM

iarandy: I have never been in one of these, but did look at the specs closely over the years and suggest you put some camping and running time on this before making major changes. You don't have much storage,(with the stairs taking up some) for personal items and if you remove the bedside cabinet, you will have even less? Also, for engine access, the bed has to be raised. This can be done with the OEM mattress in place but, if you were doing major repairs, the OEM mattress can be stood up on end on the passenger side to allow more direct access to the front end, (fan end) of the Cummins or Cat.

There was a post on here recently, with photos, of a simple way to extend the bed. They made a 4" filler to go between the headboard and mattress for sleeping, and it could be pulled out and the mattress pushed back to original position for daytime use. (if anyone can repost that link, these guys might be interested?)

Another note is: I think the basement on the SKYDECKS was lowered somewhat to give the required clearance on top. You have not got as much room down there as some of the conventional units.

Again I suggest, you use it a bit to determine what your needs are. You SKYDECK owners have a unique unit that I hope you enjoy for many years.

"We will get another mattress too, we have a guy in Arizona, can make any size, may have him make one slightly larger than Queen and extend the base for more sleeping space, removing one side cabinet."

masseyfarm 06-17-2015 10:55 AM

You lads have been looking at these more than me. The specs at one time said these SKYDECK were offered with a gasoline engine. Have you ever seen one? and if so what was it?

israndy 06-17-2015 01:46 PM

All those I posted pics of (like EVERY Skydeck currently on the web) did not mention gas, but it could be done. The UFO chassis from 2008 was gasoline, mostly only see diesel pushers otherwise, but it could happen. I don't know that I would wanna push 27000 lbs with gasoline, but my current 10K lb Sprinter RV came in both a gas and diesel version, those mostly diesel in the states.

Is there an advantage to gas? Sure is expensive right now. And thanks for the other warnings, I'll check on the basement, but it is cavernous compared to the Sprinter. I was thinking how nice it would be to add that 396xl slide out so I have more hanging storage, but whatever I cannot get into the closets I'll hang in the stairwell :lol:


PSchw 06-17-2015 08:52 PM

It is the same as a XL390. Yes space is an issue special for me as full-timer . I guess you always can use more space. There is storage possibility on the roof.
I will taking it to TX and establish my domicile then I am going back to Chicago to customize and put all our stuff in or as much as it will hold.
Yes I will miss my Interstate but it has to go and I will put it up for sale in a few weeks.

israndy 06-18-2015 12:41 AM

Very nice that you can go from a little Airstream Interstate to a huge Airstream Skydeck and not change manufacturers. Leisure Travel Vans who makes my Sprinter RV still makes nothing larger than my current RV. They make great weekend machines, maybe 10 days out. Would never want to full-time in one.

Cannot wait to get my hands on it. Especially nice to have a long drive home to play. Hope it doesn't break down. Looking forward to Airstream events too.


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