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Skee75 05-25-2015 05:33 PM

Silverado 1500 W/Max tow package
I need some input from actual owners of the new style 2014/15 Silverado 1500 with Max tow package. I was at the dealer today looking hard at the 2500, then the salesman said the 1500 W/MTP can pull 12,000 lbs. I have a 30 Ft 2015 serenity with a Equalizer hitch.
How well does this TV work for you?


Alphonse 05-25-2015 05:45 PM

The real question is does it have a class V hitch and how much cargo capacity does it have? If you're over the hitch capacity and the tongue weight eats 2/3 of your cargo capacity, you are going to be left with buyer's remorse. Your sales person is likely not well enough informed if he is only quoting towing capacity. Be your own advocate and it appears you are doing that by asking questions.

ghaynes755 05-25-2015 08:21 PM

Skee I had a 2014 GMC Sierra prior to the max tow package. You don't mention the engine size but mine was the standard 5.3L. It towed an FC25 just fine. But the load capacity with the FC25, ProPride, wife, dog, me and a full tank of gas left about 100# that could be put in the bed of the truck. Alan is spot on and there are lots of comments on the forums.

Switched to a 2500HD Duramax and was able to actually use the truck bed. Now with a Classic at 30ft and much more weight I'm glad I made the switch.

So towing is one thing. Actual payload available is another. Most AS trailers seem to come in with 850-1000 lbs for the tongue weight. Towing weight for yours as a guess will be something around 8,000# with water and camping gear.

Best way to really tell what's going on is to take a test drive in the model you like. Drive to a CAT scale and actually weigh the truck with you in it. Then with that weigh ticket, add in full fuel, the family and pets. Now you have a base weight that you can have a solid 'real' payload number. Deduct 1000 pounds from that and the left over actual available payload may not be what you would like to have.

With the 2500 I have something like 600# left when I am loaded. More than enough.

Good luck and good to do the research now. P.S. Most sales people know the basics about the products. But only you know how you are going to use it.

bolerama 05-25-2015 09:35 PM

I just purchased a 2013 GMC (last month) with the Maxtow package LTZ (35,000km). It has the 6.2L engine and a 3.73:1 rear diff. It is rated to pull 10,300 lbs ( I think the newer models pull more). I bought it after a lot of research. I pull a 23 ft International and I dont even know it is there. I just went on a 6 hour trip last week. It pulled my unit fine. Im sure that it will pull a 30ft just a well. I plan on stopping at weight scale to get all the numbers as to total vehicle weight.


Echelon73 05-26-2015 12:45 PM

I know my truck is not as new as what you are asking about, but I tow a 2010 Flying Cloud 30 with a 2007 Silverado "VortecMax" 1500 4wd. Mine has the 6.0L that was the predecessor to the newer 6.2L. It has the 3.73 gears and the older 4 speed transmission. I added a huge transmission cooler and load range E tires. It certainly has enough power to pull a 30, but I know there are times I am over my payload capacity. Honestly, I have never felt as though I had too little truck though. I would love a 3/4 ton diesel for the exhaust brake feature, but mine serves my purposes in every other way. The only thing that would make me think about upgrading is if I were in the mountains often. Even then I would only upgrade for the exhaust braking (jake brake), not for more power. If the whole payload thing scares you, or if you tend to travel heavy then be sure the check weights carefully before you buy.

greenflag 05-26-2015 12:48 PM

I pulled my 25' international with a sierra 1500 5.3L and 3.73 gears. It was "adequate". I found it to be too softly sprung for carrying all my gear and tongue weight of the trailer. Don't just look at towing capacity. Sure the 1500 will "pull" any Airstream you hitch it to if properly set up. I was never completely satisfied and stepped up to the a 2500 Duramax. I now have a 30' and the Duramax pulls it and my gear over western mountain passes easily. Do not push the limits of your tow vehicle.
Good advice in previous posts. Consider payload not just towing capacity.

phbarnhart 05-26-2015 01:19 PM

Sounds like you could use!

The guys did a towing test on the very truck you're considering. I'm linking the article but I would advise taking the time to watch the video.

Click Me

The max tow on the 6.2 w/8-Speed adds stiffer shocks to the rear and the 3.42 gearing. This results in a higher payload capacity and the 12,000lbs towing.

I think DC Bruce (a user here) managed to find one a month ago or so. You might send him a private message and ask how he likes it.

bike 2 eat 05-26-2015 01:50 PM

I have a 2014 silverado extended cab short bed medium size engine with 35,000 miles on it We full time in a 2006 28 foot excella. We have towed through Vt and NH with no problem.
I get between 10 and 11mpg.

Plasma800 05-26-2015 02:52 PM

Very interesting video, thanks for sharing. Sounds to me like the new 1500 is a great TV under 10k lbs with a decent payload to boot. And on top of that, a great in town daily. I think I might have to get me one!

BoldAdventure 05-26-2015 03:32 PM

That 6.2L is a beast. I had a really hard time finding one used, most folks end up with the 5.3L.

But I had the 6.2L (non truck) LS3 in my GXP. Miss that car.

white laker 05-26-2015 07:40 PM

6.2 max tow.
I picked up a 2015 Sierra/ Max tow a month ago and I am 'over the moon' happy with the towing characteristics of the truck with my 31 classic on its tail. it has the 6.2 coupled to the eight speed transmission through the large diff assemblies. It is te answer to what I was looking for to replace my '09 Yukon xl. I also had the dealer replace the Goodyear 'P' rated tires for a set of 20" Michlin 10 plys that I run at 65 pounds front and rear. This truck is a great pulling machine and I didnt have to go to a 3/4 ton truck to get that kind of performance. It rides like a normal 1/2 ton and pulls like a tank. If you are looling for a great ride that will more than do what you need for your rig, this is your truck. As i get more miles on it I will let you know what my gas consumption is. So far it is less than the 5.3 in the Yukon. We have a good trip with the A/S coming up in July. Will follow up after that trip.

CraigCA 05-26-2015 09:23 PM

Following this thread. I just bought a 2015 Silverado 1500 w/max tow, 5.3, 3.73 three months ago to tow my '71 Sovereign. Payload sticker on the door says 2,101 max and towing is 11,100 lbs. I haven't towed it yet because I'm just about finished with the restoration.

I've read factory docs that say tongue weight for my AS is 490. Is that wrong or are the newer Airstreams that much heavier at the ball?

terryV 05-26-2015 10:33 PM

I ordered one built for me about 6 t0 8 weeks ago. I pick it up tomorrow.

Chevy would not build a Z71 with the max tow pkg. I could get the next level down, tho, which they claim to have a 15,000 lb gross weight towing capacity.

That gives me 8,000 lbs. for the 31 Classic and 7,000 lbs. GVW for the truck. I can live with that.

I ordered the 6.2 l engine with the 8 spd transmission. ( The 6.0 liter, BTW, is not the same engine or even the same block as the 6.2 l. The 6.0 l is their heavy duty 4 bolt main engine for the 3/4 and one ton trucks. It has a cast iron block.)

The 6.2 liter is an aluminum block, 2 bolt main engine built for the Corvette. GM says it will work just fine pulling a camper trailer, and I believe them.

Also, Chevy will not put the "camper" mirrors on the Z71. For about $300 my local bodyshop will install them for me.

Yes, I wanted the Z71 and all the neat off road stuff. My truck will spend about 10 % of it's life towing my Airstream. About 30% of the time it will be on hunting trips with lots of off road fun. The rest of the time it will be doing normal road duty.

I'm pretty excited about this new truck. I'll let you know how it works out.

BTW, over the last 48 years I have purchased 15 new Chevy trucks, and have never had a bad one. Most of them have had over 150,000 miles when they were traded in. Since 1975 I have used Mobil 1 oil in all my vehicles.

SSquared 05-26-2015 10:38 PM

What are the details of your truck? Cab style, bed size, trim level? Last fall I saw a couple max tow 2015 models on the lot that had only about 1860 pounds payload. They were crew cab short bed, 5.3L, loaded with goodies.

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