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Germanaussie 05-24-2015 05:47 AM

left side door
I need to install a left side door in my 1968 Sovereign for Australian compliance. Can I buy a "normal' (right side door) door online and is it possible to have a door shipped to Australia?

ALUMINUMINUM 05-24-2015 07:36 AM

I've looked for a 1968 replacement door since 2010 and have not found a good one.

To achieve your goal, you need a door and the door jamb. Without the corresponding cast jamb, a 1968 door only, does your concept no good. The jamb is built into the trailer frame/shell and will have to be removed and shipped as well.

You already have a door and jamb on the curb-side. There are hundreds of shade-tree, back-yard, driveway Airstream fabricators in the USA that would attempt the swap, and do a great job, even better than the Airstream factory. Cheaper and faster to import one of them to Australia for a few weeks, than finding and shipping a 1968 a door and jamb.

I've seen those Mad Max Movies and that tells me that there are already excellent metal fabricators in your Out-Back. There may also be an air-frame mechanic near you looking for side-work.

Isn't there a historical/vintage vehicle variance to the code?? or do you want to walk through from side to side??


kevin242 05-24-2015 07:57 AM

I agree with ALUMINIUMINUM. There must be the ability to import and register vintage/antique vehicles to AU without having to modify them. I suggest checking into this more.

wahoonc 05-24-2015 08:19 AM

I would find an sheet metal shop that is well versed in vintage aircraft restoration and repair and have them move the door to the left side from the right side. That is, if it HAS to be done. I also agree, check and see if it is at all possible to get a variance for historical/vintage vehicles.


Germanaussie 05-25-2015 04:11 PM

Hmm, I posted a reply but can't see it, could have gone to the wrong place. I will look into the vintage registration again to maybe circumvent the whole second door topic. Thanks for your answers! If I need one, it is easier to get one made!?! That is good to know!

AWCHIEF 05-25-2015 04:49 PM

I have read that there is a very active Airstream community in Australia. If you can get hold of them you might be able to get current information on the laws.

Aerowood 05-25-2015 08:21 PM

Why do you want two doors, it would be relatively easy to remove the door from the right side to the left

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