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adonh 01-15-2015 03:59 PM

Airstream 396 XL grab handle
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Any thoughts on where to get the replacement chrome cover for the bottom of grab handle that matches the one on the top. Airstream no loner has these in stock and the manufacture is out of business. Thanks

P21932 01-22-2015 06:11 PM

I have no good idea but will watch this closely as I would like the plastic handle part as mine has some internal checking... Have you tried some of the bigger dealers to see if they have any leftover stock? Seems unlikely though...

israndy 09-14-2015 10:48 PM

No one found a solution to this either?


P21932 09-14-2015 11:38 PM

The metal or the plastic? The metal I would have made. It just "glues" in place with sealant. The plastic handle I found at Northwest RV Supply in Eugene Oregon. It is a standard handle but it does not have the notch in the top end that Airstream uses to keep the handle from rotating. You can cut that in with a Dremel tool. I chose to not have the Airstream name engraved (my wife did not want it), but there are engravers who can do this, it is not that complicated.

israndy 03-19-2016 11:58 AM

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I know no one has replied, but I thought I would add detail. I took the top piece off and used it as the bottom piece. So they are identical. Next stop is going to have to be a 3D printer if I cannot find the replacement plastic chrome piece.

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