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robwok 12-02-2014 12:35 PM

Curtains for 1964 Pinch pleats? Something Else? Universal appeal
We are down to curtains. Everything else has been restored or improved. I may have the original curtains, and it looks like pinch pleats. We're looking at using some happy campers fabric for the new curtains. My wife is an accomplished seamstress, so it won't be a problem making the curtains. However, wondering about the style. We'll probably be selling the camper once it's perfect. We have a large expense we have to cover, and will probably get another fixer upper later. I'm putting the dark window film on the inside, so it probably doesn't need a white backer, but we could do that as well.

So, for resale value, and authenticity (everything in the trailer is original. I even cut down VCT tiles to 9") and all original appliances work inside. ) what would you put in?



Cochese 12-02-2014 03:53 PM

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I chose not to have pinch pleats in my new curtains, I thought they looked a little dated & formalAttachment 227928

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64Lincoln 09-22-2018 09:11 PM

I just bought a '64 Safari. It's actually replacing my first '64 Safari. I bought for it's unmolested and well cared for condition right down to the original drapes. They were all lined and pinch pleated except the bathroom ones. They don't have pleats. The Safari I just bought even has the original shower curtain with all the snaps in the right places to line up with the snaps in the Airstream. I'm thinking of making copies to sell to other '64 through '66 Airstream owners. It's the strangest shape and fits perfectly.

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