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beatrix1 11-17-2014 12:20 PM

Spare Tire Carrier
The previous owner of my 1961 TW welded this "utilitarian" spare carrier on the rear bumper. If you had the tire there then no access to the rear hatch. I had it cut off recently. I would like to do a bumper mount spare carrier that folds down. I found several of them that clamp with u-bolts to a 4" square bumper, but can't seem to find one that will work with the AS bumper. I really do not want to weld something on the bumper. Any thoughts as to where to find one? Other thoughts on where to keep the spare? It will not fit behind the lp tanks as the old battery box is there and the GYM is too thick for that space.

Bauxter 11-17-2014 12:26 PM

Tire Carrier
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I have a 73, and the tire carrier is mounted below, in the front. These can be purchased, but not sure if it will fit your trailer.


projector 11-17-2014 01:31 PM

I just had one made for the back of our '73 Safari. It's welded together and bolts to the side of the frame just forward of the rear bumper on the curb side. I also had a cross piece and receiver hitch under the bumper for a bike rack. No pics yet.

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