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robwok 10-30-2014 12:36 PM

Fully Restored - haven't seen a comparison price
We have a medical need coming up that's going to cost a bit. And though I might be able to live off mac and chees and wieners, I have this Airstream I'm almost done with.

1964 Overlander. It has everything original including the original working TV antenna, all restored. And more. It now has 2 tandem gray tanks, new black tank, new toilet in the original location. New Axles, Tires, Rims. The frame was repainted with Por15, and the floor had one tiny bit of rot by the door, and that was repaired with epoxy. The floor now has 9" VCT Tiles just like the original in a similar pattern. Original fridge and stove both work. All new water lines, propane lines, 3 gel batteries, 30amp hookup and intellipower converter. Lights are LED, new upholstery and covering in actual new old stock material that matches the stove and fridge. All metal outside covered in POR 15 or powder coated. New 7 way whip, custom made storm window for the jalouside window. Custom LED lights in bumper trunk and under the trailer. New heat pump with heat strip, new catalytic heaters, new 10 gallon duel fuel water heater.

If there was an option, and if I could make it invisible and keep the trailer looking original, I did it.

I haven't ever seen a listing where someone went through the extent of upgrades and kept it original like I did, so I was wondering about the value. Colin mentioned in one broadcast that you couldn't get all that for less than $35k, but I haven't seen prices like that - however, he said a lot of those deals were made between airstreamers and never made it to eBay.

Any thoughts?


AnnArborBob 10-30-2014 12:50 PM

I'd certainly contact Colin directly to see if he might have a customer for you. I would think that he has a list of people who want to get into a completely restored unit quickly (vs. waiting around for him to get to it.) :blush:

Sounds like your unit is extremely unique due to the care you took with the period correct restoration while incorporating modern amenities. I would think that you could get a lot more than $35k for this unit if it is indeed as good as you say. Try posting some pictures in this thread so you can get more people interested and giving you their thoughts on value.

And I'm very sorry about your reason for having to sell it. :sad:

robwok 10-30-2014 01:19 PM has my thread on the restoration so far. It doesn't include everything, and I don't have complete pics. I have the goucho out of the trailer now as I just did the floor, and I have some other cosmetic things left. My wife also has some period correct fabrics she needs to finish making the curtains out of. So, I can't do a full "here's the finished product" review yet, but we're close. I even did some other fun things, like I have an actual 1964 trailer license plate from Virginia if someone wanted to get a vintage plate on the trailer. I also have almost all the documentation on everything, even an upgrade on the fridge that was done to improve the burner - some after market item.

It's not my medical issue, so I guess I could take the proceeds and start another restoration from scratch, but I don't think I'll ever find another survivor like this one. There really was almost no rust on the frame. I found almost no mouse nests and the rust on the frame was just survace. Used a wire brush and then POR15.

robwok 10-30-2014 01:46 PM

I'll need to add everything I guess. I installed tank washers in all the tanks, so you just hook up one hose and they all get flushed. LED back up lights tied into the whip, New fresh water tank and water pump (haven't even been used yet), 2 fantastic fans with rain sensors... I'm about to cry now.

jennydp 10-31-2014 12:30 PM

I am very interested in ur airstream. could you send pics? is the bath in the rear or middle? has the plumbing been redone with pex? what else needs to be done...i am looking for something that just needs decorating and has all mechanical issues done...i can have some stuff done, but not looking for a full renovation....what are the floors made of? have windows been re-sealed? any leaks? what about axels and bearings? can pick up tomorrow with cash if we come to deal...i am located in atlanta...thanks so much...jenny 404.405.2754

robwok 10-31-2014 12:35 PM

Jenny, my wife has put a stop on me considering it for now. We're going to try to crowdsource some funds if we can. Bath in the rear, and there's nothing left to be done. Pex replaced the copper, floors were taken down to the plywood, tiny bit of rot near the entrance door was fixed (the door seal was the very first job I did on the trailer) and the floors got VCT tiles - not peel and stick - the 1/8" thick color throughout type. Windows were no issue except the jalousie, and every piece was taken out and all the seals upgraded and replaced.

It's not ready to go right now. I am mouseproofing the underside, and have some other items, but again, it's not for sale now. We are putting that on hold indefinitely. I mainly wanted to know what people thought in case we ran out of other options.

jennydp 11-01-2014 08:44 AM

Thank you for letting me know....Good luck!

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