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stevealbrech 10-15-2014 10:34 PM

Need help replacing my curved front window
I have an Avion, not an Airstream. I thought I would post here since more eyes will see it. I am using 3/16 lexan which is the same thickness as the original glass. My question is, how do I open the frame in order to install the lexan? I imagine the trailers are built similarly. Is there a gasket holding the window in place within the frame?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Kevin245 10-16-2014 05:07 AM


The pano windows on our 73 Avion are gasketed but I've never really looked into how the window is held in place. Other Avion owners here may be able to assist you, or you could contact the Cayo repair facility in Watervliet, MI. They are a few hours east of you BTW.

airman805 01-07-2015 09:56 PM

Honestly I haven't worked on one but I'm sure it is similar . So first look where the seam is on the Frame , and once you find that there should be two rivets holding the frame together. Spray some lube in the seam and put a chisel and tap on it and try to pry the frame apart . .. Like I said . I never worked on them but I heard the frames are similar to airstreams .. Good luck . Let me know if it helps

aquinob 01-08-2015 05:35 AM

Some pictures inside and out would be a BIG HELP...

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