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Mellinkat 10-02-2014 02:49 PM

Thanks for the Warm Welcome
We are new owners of a 2008 Safari 25 SS. We don't even have it home yet, as we are looking for a TV. (learning all those new acronyms!):D Husband Ted retired 12+ years ago as highway design engineer and "works" in our basement as a woodturner; he sells his wares mostly locally, but on occasion travels up to a day away. I just retired from home health physical therapy on 2/28/14 (yes I can remember the date I was set free) mainly to help son and daughter in law care for preemie twin boys. They are now almost seven months old and thriving and we now feel free to travel. I love nature and the National Parks. We also foresee using the AS to travel to some of Ted's vendor shows. We even have permission from the twins' mom and dad to take the twins when they are just a squidge older!!! We have already utilized the forum for questions regarding the Anderson Hitch; thanks to all who have responded. I am blown away by so many people's willingness to respond and help us learn. We are fairly computer savvy, but not overly so, so feel free to direct us if it seems we aren't getting it. Again, thanks all for your willingness to share your hard-earned knowledge and your patience to help not only first-time Airstream owners, but first-time travel trailer owners period! We are discovering that we have a LOT to learn, but we think that it will be a fun process.

terryV 10-02-2014 04:21 PM

Learning new things can be somewhat frustrating at times, but there is also a sense of accomplishment that feels really satisfying.

There is plenty of advice available here for almost any problem you could come up with and we are all very happy to help out.

For those times when you may need help on the road, you are probably never very far from where some of the folks on this forum live. WBCCI members are aways ready to help a member of the "family". :wally:

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