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jfreeman62 08-13-2014 08:31 AM

Vent Fans not dead, but dying
We live in a 1990 34' Limited with front and rear ceiling vents with fans that DID a marvelous job of circulating the air but both are slowly dying. They come to a stop and can be restarted with a nudge but eventually wind down again.

I have tested the electricity to both and it is fine. My best guess is they need cleaning but I see no way to do that without drilling out rivets etc..those suckers were not put in with any maintenance in mind. Any advice or links to manuals appreciated.

richw46 08-13-2014 08:34 AM

Maybe the bearings just need some lube. Any way to get a little silicone or oil through one of those thin tubes to the bearings? It could be the motor brushes and that would require you to disassemble them. I'd try getting some oil to the bearings first and see if that helped

87MH 08-13-2014 08:41 AM


Originally Posted by jfreeman62 (Post 1495632)
..... Any advice or links to manuals appreciated.

My advice would be to replace them with Fantastic (Vent) Fans.

I replaced all of the original fans on both the '87 Classic Motor Home and the '78 Sovereign with great success. Fantastic Vent supplies a good replacement step by step manual if you tell them you are working on an AS. Also, request the rounded interior trim. The special AS trim fits the rounded dome of the AS.

Lots of "how to" for the AS vent replacement here on the Forums and on the internet.

Since you are living in the trailer, I would also suggest you get the "deluxe" version of the vent fans. The best ones are bi-directional, have thermostats, variable speeds, and are auto closing if it starts to rain. I have found a benefit for an outer cover over the vents also - just be sure that the outer vent is tall enough to let the Fantastic Vent automatic cover raise up far enough to allow proper air movement.

mayco 08-13-2014 09:17 AM

You can replace the motor and the blade if you want to. I did. I ended up removing them though because i wanted reversable and variable speed fans. I put in Maxxair Deluxe fans that come with the crank up rain protector lid. They do a good job and dont stick way up off the roof when closed. Ive got the two stock fans, one with brand new motor and blade sitting in storage.

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