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92landyacht 07-30-2014 03:54 PM

Busy day on the MH
Spent the day working on issues discovered on our last trip on my 92 36' LY.

Brakes were a little weak but they have been that way since purchase. Decided to go ahead and begin the process of replacing rotors, pads and calipers. Since I already had a complete set of 4 loaded Wagner calipers with thermal quiet pads and 2 new front rotors, it just came down to me getting off my lazy butt and doing it. The only problem I ran into was getting those darn 8 bolts that hold the rotor to the hub out. Ended up having to take it to the local garage to put more torque on them that my compressor and impact wrench could muster. After that it was really a piece of cake. Just a tad heavy but that's pretty much the norm when working on a MH.:bb:

Noticed that the temps were getting a little higher then I liked so I decided to do a complete coolant flush and replaced the thermostat with a new high grade 180 degree unit. The old thermostat ran close to 210 degrees. Once installed the new one runs closer to 190. Only difficulty was getting the stupid rubber O-ring in the thermostat housing to seal correctly. Once I figured it out, it installed without any leaks. Had to put a new ring terminal on the ground wires that bolted to the thermostat housing. The wires just broke off as I unscrewed the first nut. No big deal. Old coolant was a very nice green color, so no rust issues.:D

On the trip home I found that I couldn't build more the 10psi pressure on the TAG axle airbags. I ran the engine for a while testing the thermostat which ran the compressor for the airbags. After I shut down the engine I heard a distinct hissing noise coming from the front. It sounded like it was coming from behind an insulation pad along the top of the firewall. I pulled it down and found the source of the sound. Seems like there's a 1/8" OD plastic tubing that runs (I'm guessing) to the pressure monitor in the dash. Turned out that the tubing was run VERY tight and was rubbing on a hardware piece near the firewall. It ended up rubbing through the tubing and produced the leak. I temporarily put some gorilla tape over the leak and the pressure started to rise until the tape failed. That was enough to prove to me that the problem wasn't with the airbags but with the small tube that went to the gauge that monitored the airbag pressure. I located a 1/8"OD to 1/8"OD union on ebay so I'll see what happens when it arrives. I figure I'll just cut the tubing where it's leaking and put the union in between. Hopefully that will fix the "airbag" issue. It will also allow me to run the tubing under a large wire harness that was putting stress on the short tubing.

Last week I had to drop the genset and replace the fuel pump. That took several hours along. Hopefully this will be the end of the "tough" jobs for a while.

Tired now so I guess I'll grab a beer and relax.

GAStreamin 07-30-2014 04:11 PM

Sounds like you got a lot done. I would like to hear more about MH on here. I seem to only read about TT. Maybe I just gravitate to those threads because that is what I own. We considered a MH but I just knew more about working on TT if there are problems. It's good to learn from posts like this.

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