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Luc_DK 07-17-2014 02:57 AM

AS Overlander 1969 Broken Wing Window
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Hi Air Forum

On our last trip a window broke on our 1969 Overlander :-(

Front Wing Window (right side (curbside))

i can buy a new Window(plastic) with frame in the US for 500 $ + shipping + Tax (i live in Denmark (EU)) total cost 900 $
pretty exspensive and "hard" to install. the new frame is bigger, so i have cut in Airstream to fit it !!

so i will rather look for a local shop that can work with lexan.
Can i change the glass/lexan without taken the frame off ?
from the inside maybe ?

or do i have drill all riverts out ?

if i have drill all riverts out, how do i install it again ?
i have tools to "normal" riverts, but how do you install riverts on an airstream ?
are they called olympic riverts ?

is't ok to use lexan instead og tempered glass ?
the glass is marked with:
Tempered M2
Safety Glass

which type of lexan should i use and what about the thikness ?

Now i found out the (hard way) why many have AS have a rockguard in front, i thought it only was due to the Sun...
i think i need a rockguard.

i hope someone will share they knowledge, Airstreams are a bit rare in the EU, so its hard to find repair shops and help.



Aerowood 07-18-2014 08:25 PM

69 wing windows are square cornered on the lower outside corner. this was the only year Airstream did this so original 69 replacement windows are extremely hard to find. Lexan (polycarbonate sheet) can be used as a glass replacement. I would use the hardest you can find of the same thickness as the glass. The perimeter rivets have to be removed to get the window frame apart. There should be some screws in the corners holding the frame together, and they most likely will not remove easily. Soak the screws for several days with a good penetrant tapping the aluminum around the screws to break down the inevitable corrosion. Cut and fit the Lexan window into the frame and replace the corner screws. Rivet the whole assembly back onto the trailer.

Post more questions as they asrise and take it one step at a time.

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