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bikeukeguy 07-12-2014 10:34 AM

Hehr Window Rebuild Sealant Wax
Hello All,
I have a pair of Hehr L 16148 Louvered Windows. Both were in my 1952 Silver Streak Clipper, and will be re-installed. One has 2 solid windows with the louvers in between. It is 56" long. I am shortening this one to 44" during rebuilding it and then polishing. The other is 34" long with a equal sized solid and Louvered windows and will be rebuilt and polished.
I have liquid Aluminox for brightening the aluminum. I have a buffing system with 3 grits of rouge. I have new seals from VTS. New crank from VTS. New steel tubular rivets, 5/32", p/n DF11-10-ST, and clinching tool, p/n HT178, both from Hanson Rivet.
I disassembled the frame to the individual extrusions and removed all glass. Drilled out rivets.
All of the Louvered window stamped levers were frozen and bent to a "U" shape. I sandwiched the bent lever arm between 3 pieces of 3/4" birch ply Cauls and did some gross flattening on a 30 ton press. The final re-shaping was done with a small ball peen hammer. So Sunday I chop the 2 main bottom and top window extrusions from 56" to 44".
So I need to get rid of some hard as rock Liquid Nail remnants. Then final clean. Massage out the oxide dots and craters. Buff, polish, and wax.
I see some dark grey paint being used as a sealant. When I do the final assembly what type of sealant should I use ?
Any tips on the Liquid Nail removal ?
Using 00 steel wool for first cleaning/buffing, any suggestion for scratch brite pads?
After buffing with the rouge what type of wax should I use ?

All seals I need we're at VTS, thanks.
Hanson Rivet, the same thanks to them. Easy to order, easy min. Orders.
I you want info do a web search for VW Westphalia window repair. They use similar Hehr's.

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