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gretch0547 06-20-2014 01:38 PM

2007 Safari 75th Anniversary LS
Anyone know what the 75th anniversary designation means for a 2007 Safari and is it the same as the Special Edition? The one we are purchasing seems to that the interior aluminum skin etc. which seems like what the Special Editions includes... Any help appreciated. Thanks!

tksbaskets 07-17-2014 08:52 AM

I don't know what all came with it but we have this edition. I have a cool emblem outside my door that says '75th Anniversary'. Other than that my Airstream looks the same as other 25' FB models I've seen. No special interior that I can see.


Rollster 07-17-2014 05:28 PM

We also have a 75th anniversary edition (cool emblem outside the door), but ours is a 2006. From what I can tell, nothing else is special, unless it's the Moen faucet with water filter (not sure if it came from AS with this or from the PO).

Shaggy1970 07-17-2014 05:54 PM

Copied from another thread,
My 2007 Safari SE (Special Edition) upgrade included the interior aluminum skin, International-style windows with wrap around, panoramic front window and Vista View windows, brushed aluminum blinds, and Decor Lighting.

It also came with the LS upgrade package, which included the spare tire, Fantastic Fan, No-Fuss Black Tank Rinsing System, Aquajet Water Pump, Cast Aluminum Taillights, Electric Hitch Jack, 13,500 BTU Air Conditioner with Heat Pump, "LS" Exterior Graphics, Screen Door Guard, "One Touch" Galley Faucet with Separate Sprayer, Jackets (2) and Caps (2).

carl johnson 12-11-2015 12:50 PM

Any of you purchase yours in 2014 or 2015? I have the 2007 Safari SE 25' FB 75th Anniv Edition. Trying to find est of what people paid for them recently, like 2014-15. would you mind telling me what you paid? I need it to go to my insurance company. Expect it to be totaled after recent tragedy inside. Thank you so much. Cindy J

AWCHIEF 12-11-2015 02:42 PM

My 2006 Safari LS was produced in Nov 2005. It is badged as a 75th Anniversary Edition. Airstream was a bit loose in what they considered Anniversary Editions. It has all the LS upgrades without the pano windows and with mouse fur covered interior Walls.

AndyW 06-27-2019 10:48 AM

I recently purchased a 2007 Bambi but do not have the 75 year logo. Does have the Special Addition badge on the back and sides. Nickel plated blinds, electric jack, etc. Any idea why no 75 year badge on mine?

Im a newbie to the Airstream and Rv world. I looked for a very long time and was very discouraged looking at every other rv out there until I found Airstream. I got a lot of grief from friends when they heard how much I spent but only until they came inside of an Airstream for the first time lol. No comparison to anything on the planet. Best purchase Ive ever made. Thanks yall, this is a great and very useful forum.

Mr. Merk 06-27-2019 12:08 PM

Our 2007 25FB LS has the 75yr logo, but it does not have the SE pkg so no pano windows or aluminum interior.

The 75yr badges probably just went on all trailers constructed in 2006, which would mean the late "2006" and early "2007" models.

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