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Noco 06-10-2014 06:00 PM

please help with leaky '69
Ive had some issues with water leaks in my '69 Overlander, I know crazy! Ive repaired the frame at the rear and believe I have the bumper and sag issue resolved. I am now working on the roof and windows. I have used vulkem around all window frames, doors, and awning. The water slowed but not much. I am going to order new window and door gaskets, since I have none, as well as vents for the roof, since they are cracked and dry rotted. I plan on ordering two of the plumbing roof vents, but I'm wondering if an original refrigerator vent is best, or if theres a modern alternative that will actually seal around the vent flange. My other concern is the fan and astrodome flange. Is it best to just caulk around old flange or replace with more modern fan. I still have top row of skins on, I plan on pulling them soon and waterproofing from the inside, just trying to get exterior as tight as I can. Thanks for the help.

Noco 06-10-2014 07:10 PM

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Now I'm nervous about ordering window and door gaskets. The only gasket I have on one window is a gray flat gasket which I'm assuming is not original. I've looked at gasket VTS sells for a '69. From other threads it appears the gasket goes on the window, not the frame, with the U shaped protrusion facing outward, same on door I assume???

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