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m.hony 06-18-2014 04:54 PM

We use our Zip Dee chairs for extra seating inside the coach, too.

PharmGeek 06-18-2014 05:26 PM

Man yo rig too big :)

m.hony 06-18-2014 05:58 PM

That's how we roll.
It do what it do.

PharmGeek 06-20-2014 12:05 PM

Tried out lafuma cham elips XL last night - it was better than the transabed and had decent back support - seems like as you recline back support is less but I sat in it a while and felt "pretty good"

I think that some padding in the seat would take the final edge off for lounging in it - I am going to try again tonight and make a final determination

Overall I'm impressed given how light and pretty flat they fold down - also pretty comfortable - I only had 30 min to sit in it last night - more this weekend

m.hony 06-20-2014 01:16 PM

Do you really ever get to sit down for more than 30 minutes?

PharmGeek 06-20-2014 01:22 PM

I like to sit and read for example when kids nap or when we travel alone

Other times I like to just sit out and relax and enjoy - so it's fairly often I'll lounge out for a bit particularly at night after kids go to bed

Mostly though it won't be used for such but it is enough to consider such a criteria in my opinion

PharmGeek 06-21-2014 01:22 AM

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Attachment 214591

Got the stools in too - nice light little stools - make for nice extra campfire seating and such I think

I used a blanket over the length if the chair and man that made it really comfy

Good chance im sticking with these chairs

The ergonomics is good in upright position but as you recline back it seems to not support as well. - I used the blanket to support lower back in the full recline position and it is great

Also found that if I prop the front legs of the chair up it then is extra comfortable

PharmGeek 06-21-2014 01:42 AM

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PharmGeek 06-21-2014 11:38 AM

I decided I did not like it very much when reclined - something about it just does not feel right - I'm more comfortable reclined in my costco beach chairs - after doing that side by side comparison I'm back to square one

I may try a zero gravity chair I'm not sure

m.hony 06-21-2014 12:12 PM

After all your research you'll end up with some $45 zero gravity chairs from Walmart!
I've always been perfectly satisfied with the $10-$12 sling chairs- easy to take to events on the motorcycle, too!
I might splurge and get some $25 Coleman sling chairs one day.

PharmGeek 06-21-2014 12:21 PM

I actually thought that would be funny - I hope to try one of theirs this weekend - and I think they are 25 bucks if I recall the link from earlier....

I may bop over to camping world today and see what they have to try out - hopefully a set of zip dees or some other varieties yet tried

m.hony 06-21-2014 12:25 PM

Has anyone tried the Zip Dee lounger attachment?
If you liked the old school lawn chairs at your grandparents',you'll like the Zip Dees.

2Tex4Fun 06-21-2014 12:52 PM

Well, I am following all this 'chair' talk as I am also looking for the 'perfect' comfy, lightweight, folds easy, etc. camp chair. We have the Zip Dees but not too comfy for short/small person like me. (hubby not too crazy about them either) We did have the Zip Dee extension but didn't add much to comfort in my opinion--so sold that. So, will keep reading this thread & thanks a bunch for doing the research!!

polarlyse 06-21-2014 12:53 PM

I got 2 Zip-Dee chairs recently with the lounge addition. I haven't tried them myself yet but the wife did and said it was comfortable and liked the added lounge. I'll give my opinion in a few weeks when I'm on the road with it for awhile. I like their compactness and that they fit into that small storage space and are out of the way.

Pagey 06-21-2014 02:10 PM

Hub meditates in his Laguna zero gravity chair. Seriously. He says it allows him to go deeper into his meditations because there are no distracting pressure points.

Pagey 06-21-2014 02:10 PM

Lafuma (stupid auto correct)

PharmGeek 06-21-2014 02:11 PM

I will be seriously considering zero gravity at this point

PharmGeek 06-21-2014 02:13 PM

Pagey - what mattes and model does he have?

SteveSueMac 06-21-2014 02:40 PM

Typing this from my strongback chair in my backyard. Exceedingly comfy. The frame for the back juts out so the material creates a perfect support. I wish this mechanism was in my kayak - just got back from a 90 minute GLORIOUS paddle (great week to be in New England) but my back doesn't like that setup. This is really nice.

The chair folds up larger than your standard sling chair and that's about the only downside I see so far.

I tried the Zero Gravity (Cabela's version) and it weighs about 35-40 # and is still huge when folded. It also just wasn't comfortable to me at all. Going back tomorrow.

I think I could survive an entire weekend in front of a fire in this chair and just might test that out (in the name of research of course). :-)

PharmGeek 06-21-2014 02:46 PM

lafuma’s zero gravity chairs are in the 16-17 lb range...I think gander mountains was 19 lbs....35 lbs would be a heafty chair...I think there are lighter ones....

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