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Jack46 06-08-2014 06:01 PM

We have purchased probably six sets of chairs over the years and our favorite are the folding Coleman deck chairs. They are light weight and store easily under the dinette

We purchased a set of Zip Dee's and they now have an honored spot in our garage pulled out when we need another set for our home patio. We found them to be too heavy and not quite comfortable over the long term.

Rocinante 06-08-2014 06:21 PM

We have a couple of these that we bought from REI, and they are nice too, though I'm tempted by the other chairs people have spoken of here. They fold down as compactly as a standard "captain's" camp chair, but they are a lot more comfortable and they are $45 vs. $79.

GCI Outdoor Outdoor Recliner Chair at

PharmGeek 06-08-2014 06:27 PM

Hahaha - well bday passed but the monetary value passed to Father's Day :) :)

The Coleman folding chair looks nice - that REI recliner looks up my alley as well

urnmor 06-08-2014 06:33 PM

We have two of the Strongback chairs, one in each size, and like them very much. We also have an LL Bean and a LaFauma recliner and like both. I would recommend any of them for camping

GCinSC2 06-08-2014 06:47 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Both came from Wally World. The high back is over a year old, the Ozark Trail on the left picked it up today. Attachment 213840

A W Warn 06-08-2014 06:49 PM

I have 5 Zip Dee chairs and 2 Zip Dee lounge chair extension, two chairs in my Safari and the rest in my Excella. I use these only around the trailers, mostly under the awning. One chair is more than 25 years. The two with the lounge extensions are about 20 years. Two are 15 years and still look new. Zip Dee chairs are very well built and last forever if you take care of them.

But, I also buy cheap aluminum folding chairs with cloth seats and a side table. To me these are more comfortable. If I use these on the beach I usually get 3-4 seasons. Then I toss them in the recycle bin when the steel rivets and braces get too rusty. I recently found some at Harbor Freight that work pretty good for about $25.

SL4BLLT 06-08-2014 07:06 PM

Agree with AW on the longevity of the Zip Dee. His statement of taking care of them is spot on. I would not put them in the ocean like other brands, but then again maybe folks have. After pulling up some paperwork, our Zip Dee's are 19 years old. My how time flies when you are having fun.
The lafuma's are very comfortable as mentioned by many and you can roll right back. The new updates have a lever for the release rather than the older version which had a tension knob that would rotate to keep the chair in position. Make sure you check them out to make sure that it is a simple function that kids can adapt too. They will be spending more time in the chair before we get to it.
Finally getting to use our many chairs. NOW, with our Son being at the young age of 24 and now wanting to Airstream and not camp. Interesting how they get smarter in life.

Looks like you have some great input for the now "Father's Day" gift.

Maybe we can start a thread on coolers. I have the Coleman Steelbelt (2) and was looking at a 35 cu in Yeti. These are NOT cheap, but like the Zip Dee Chairs, Old Town canoes, these items are meant to last for decades if not generations to hand off not only the product, but the memories.

Oh, did I mention Airstreams?

This is what life is about. It only takes more time than money.

Best of luck,


Bk Yd Safari 06-08-2014 07:24 PM

camping world has two styles of Margaritaville folding camp chairs that fold-up and fit in a carry bag. one has a higher back than the other and is a little more roomy, both have a cup holder and a small "ice chest" (actually an insulated bag). they do have the plastic feet.

AnnArborBob 06-08-2014 07:32 PM

My mother has a pair of Zip Dee chairs that have to be nearly twenty years old, so they do last. However, I find the bar across the seat at the front of the seating area to be very uncomfortable so I don't use them anymore. We've had our Strongbacks for a couple of years now and they are way more comfortable than the Zip Dees and are still going strong. I would suggest that you sit in a chair for ten or fifteen minutes (at least) before you buy, or make sure your retailer has a generous return policy.

Bill M. 06-08-2014 07:33 PM

Our Zip Dee chairs are 25 years old and still are fine. The main reason I like them is they fit in the storage area behind the stove that Airstream put in for them. The down side of the Zip Dee chairs is that they are pretty heavy and not real comfortable. I have not found a camp chair that is truly comfortable yet. We use the folding chairs the roll into the little bag and come from Walmart for our travel chairs. 2 in the trailer compartment and 2 in the truck. I can sit about 30 min in them.

dprvashon 06-08-2014 08:02 PM

Best chairs around
It's a personal choice but we also needed good quality chairs that folded up and we're light weight. We got our new AS last fall and set out searching (meaning sitting) in chairs from Target to Home Depot to REI and landed at Summer House and found their Kettler line perfect. We got 2 with pads...perfect. if you get a chance try these out. Http://

Piggy Bank 06-08-2014 08:39 PM

Oh the coolers.

Cute story. We had a Coleman personal 18 we got for a wedding shower gift. Great cooler. Lid locked on. Didn't leak. Perfect size for a footstool or seat. And 2 liter bottles could fit in it. It got left behind at a volleyball gym, and we never found one that could meet it's qualities.

Then 2 years ago, about a week before leaving for our 25th anniversary trip to Yellowstone, well, we decided to look on Ebay. Found the EXACT same one. The seller got it to us right before we left. They even still had the box and the little brochure in it. So, if you like vintage, you may be able to get just what you want for the same cost or lower than a new/lesser build.

John&Vicki 06-08-2014 08:46 PM

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Bought a couple of these rockers for $45 each last year and really like them: Prime Products 13-6506 Elite Arizona Tan Rocker Folding Chair: Automotive

Sturdy and comfortable.


SteveSueMac 06-08-2014 08:53 PM

On a whim, we stopped in to LL Bean today and were thinking of their version of the zero gravity chairs. They had the strongbacks on the floor and WOW!!! Most comfortable camp chair I've ever sat in! We bought a pair. Best of the best from my perspective!

PharmGeek 06-08-2014 11:22 PM

Well - you all are giving a lot of excellent input - I hope to slip out for lunch tomorrow and sit in some chairs and report back!

Coolers? Oh man oh man - cannot discuss it. Do not plant such seeds you deviants

Aviator 06-09-2014 06:59 AM

We have several Zip Dees. One pair is over 30 years old and holding up fine. I like the compact size when folded. Our son is a soccer player and we have been through tons of the other folding chairs at soccer tournaments and games. Nothing has held up like the Zip Dees. This is one case where you truly get what you pay for. As to cup holders, they do sell a plastic cup holder that clips on just under the armrest

urnmor 06-09-2014 07:07 AM

One has got to love this Forum. Where else can one read in one place so many reviews from coffee pots to folding chairs for camping and everything else in between such as generators, lanterns, grills etc. No doubt we are a very passionate group regarding our camping toys.

Skooter 06-09-2014 07:43 AM

Check out Kermit chairs. They're beautiful. Somewhat of a cult following among some of the adventure riders on advrider motorcycle forum. Pricey, and I don't care for having to purchase a leg extension kit, but def worth a look. Kermit Chair Company | The Original Touring Chair

Belbein 06-09-2014 07:56 AM

umbrella folding chairs from Costco
I bought two umbrella folding chairs from Costco for something like $25 or $50 each. They're a little heavier than our previous ones (Kroger, $9) and don't fold down as small. But they fold into a cylindrical shape about 4" in diameter, and they're very comfortable. Me, I can't see spending much more than that or giving up more space. Just a personal thing.

PharmGeek 06-09-2014 09:08 AM

thanks again for more input...

I am going to swing by a store called "gander mountain" here in Tuscaloosa today...they seem to only carry their own brand chairs..will check those out...then swing by another store near there that lists as a zip dee chair seller from the zip dee website...

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