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Slik 06-12-2004 10:05 PM

Traveler Stove: valve? pilot? hello? is this thing on?
I've operated my share of propane appliances, and am technically not an idiot... :rolleyes: but I'm willing to ask my question here knowing I'll end up as one. I just brought home a 1967 20' Globetrotter and have found most everything to work well. The Traveler stove works fine, but the oven won't stay lit. I can light the pilot and the stove eventually fires up, but then it dies out. The owner's manual describes 99% of what I need to know, but never seems to illustrate that last crucial 1%. Am I a blind idiot that can't find the separate shut-off valve for the oven (it's true, I can't...)? Is it just an old trailer with a crappy oven? As for the stove top, I had at once kept the pilot lit by the oven dial turned to B and by lighting the stove. From there on the stove burners lit without a match. I haven't gotten it to do that again since. Call me a fool if you must... but any feedback would be appreciated. My other problems with MICE and leaky windows are getting better, and I'm looking forward to having this thing dialed in. As long as the trailer's more high-maintenance than I am, everything will be worth the trouble.
:o Thanks!
PS I'm also looking for a used awning or people's instructions on how they made their own (how far it should extend out from the trailer)

Stefrobrts 06-12-2004 11:46 PM

Hi Marci,

If the oven pilot won't stay lit it might be a bad thermocouple. Can't give you any good advice myself because mine has a newer stove/oven in it.

Good luck with the mice and leaks! I have been chasing them (leaks, not mice) all week while it's been pouring down rain here. Have you checked the exterior seams to see if they need to be resealed? I think that's where most of my leaks were coming from.

Probably not much help, am I? Just wanted to say hi!

53flyingcloud 06-13-2004 02:59 AM


(how far it should extend out from the trailer)

How much room do you have?? :D
Like you, I don't have one either but, I'd be willing to say no more than 8 to 10 ft~extended out`
Try this:Sunbrella

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