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rodsterinfl 05-03-2014 09:06 PM

Fridge Vent and Fridge 12V DC wiring

I looked and looked so to not recreate a thread on this but need to post to get an answer!

Does anyone know where the 12V DC power is, if any, in the fridge access panel area? When I bought the new fridge it mentioned being hooked up to 12vDC but my old fridge only had the 120V and LP hooked up from the factory so I left it off now realizing that it is that circuit that powers the auto switchover from AC to LP.

Now, I just purchased a fridge vent fan and want to install it but am not sure where to draw power from. Thanks.

idroba 05-03-2014 09:33 PM

Your 2006 should have had electronic ignition for the controls and gas ignition originally which required 12 volts at the compartment. Somehow could you have missed the connections when you made the switch? Sounds like you did put a new refrigerator in. There were very few refrigerators made in the 2000's that didn't need 12 volt power for the ignition circuits. Look again for the wires somewhere in the back access panel for the refrigerator.

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