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carver 1 04-26-2014 05:45 PM

New table installation
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I really liked the way I altered the original table by creating room for the recliner as seen in the attachment. This set up still did not open the space when the table was not being used. Thanks to Tina and Jeff who had no use for the side table from their AS because they are remodeling to accommodate their two greyhounds, I was able to purchase their side flip table and with several modifications the result is what I was after. I sent several E-mails to Dennis at Roettiger Hardwoods (per Luck Ducks info) but never received an answer. That was when I attempted the project myself. I must say that it was fun and I'm kind of glad that I did it myself. Oh, by the way, the original altered table with all the hardware is for sale.

Fair winds,


LAWBC 06-12-2014 11:15 PM

New table ll
I'm in the same process of building that style of table .I have most of the hardware but am missing the " sliding Piano Hinge " Where or what did you do ? where can I find it ? Searched everywhere . I know Airstream has the hardware in there Classic , but looking on the net trying to figure if that is custom to Airstream or what

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