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BIGED52 04-21-2014 05:41 PM

This is an amazing story I have to tell. About 10 days ago I made a road trip to purchase an awning fabric that was advertised here on the Classifieds. Our member (Featherbedder) had a new vinyl awning fabric that he was unable to use on his trailer. Seems that you can't use Carefree fabric on ZipDee rollers and awning rails. Different size pockets and beading. So Bill sold his fabric to me. It was 20'5" wide so it was much more material than I need for my 12' awning. I am having it cut down today at our local Sears Awning Company here in the Quad Cities. They are cutting it down to the finished size of 11'2" that Carefree recommended for my roller assembly. They are also making me 4 sling style seat backs and 4 seat bottoms for new adjustable seat frames I am making out of clear white maple. These chairs are patterned after a canvas deck chair from the 1950-60's that I found at a local auction house here in Milan and used at a pattern.

Now for the best luck I've had in a while! I was looking to see if I could still buy the plastic end caps for my roller assembly as mine are both long gone. I wasn't able to find any as they are out of stock and not supported by Carefree any longer. Well, I called OODM and they no longer have them in stock. So I called a local RV dealer that has been in business for over 50 years and he didn't have any either. But he said his dads' old stock had a demo awning assembly that had sample material on it. He wouldn't sell just the end caps but if they are what I was looking for he would sell me the entire roller that is brand new in the original plastic shipping bag from Carefree. It had been on a shelf since the '67/'68 model year when it was shipped to his dad! I asked how much thinking it was going to be $$$$$! His response was $20.00 if it works for your awning. I drove right over and now have a 46/47 year old (brand new) roller assembly springs, new end caps and even the roller bearing tops that fit onto my curved awning arms. The only bad thing is the demo is for a longer awning than mine so I will have to cut the roller tube down to fit. Dang! There's always a fly in the ointment! But Still a Great find I think! Happy Trails, Ed

dirigible25 04-21-2014 07:05 PM

very nice indeed.

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