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sequoyah101 04-06-2014 02:15 AM

27FB Add Access Doors
My advice to anyone buying a used trailer.... volunteer to wash it and clean it. You'll get real acquainted with it or not buy it. Of course, the dang things sell so fast it is a seller's market so the seller may tell you to go jump off a cliff or something.

First posting here is a question. We now have what appears to be a well used 2008 27FB though the oven and range look untouched. The PO is becoming someone I like less every day. He seems to have had a death wish for the this trailer. My wife says I pick things apart no matter whether they are new or old. I don't think the roof had been cleaned since Noah was a child. So far I have the floor out from the edges and no water damage indications though it seems to give a bit between joists. Maybe it is just my bulk.

Anyway... I'm ripping out the queen and putting in twins. Can access doors be put in to access the new under bed storage space under the beds? Is it horribly hard to do? The doors would have to go between the ribs of course. I guess the opportunity for cutting something vital, like a wire, is there as well.

I thought the microwave was supposed to be standard in the SE? It isn't there and neither is the space in the drawer so I'll need to build one of those too.

He ripped out the dinette and must have bolted chairs to the floor and he cobbled up the side of the remaining sofa with the outlet for the vent. Big mess. We planned to remodel anyway so.... out it came today. Time for new floors, put in twins, new settee, corner cabinet, computer something and such. I'll make the settee so that it can become an honest bed.

I am not the least bit impressed with the cabinets. Flimsy but get by I suppose. Wife likes them so I'll do the edge banding for now and do the best I can to match what is in there. I'd rather rip out the whole mess and build something decent. I notice even the Classic has some flimsy stuff behind the doors.

I've ordered a gob of caulk and sealant and silicone remover but a bigger gob of it has to come off before new stuff can go on. I figure the tongue weight will drop by about a hundred pounds. That'll be a scaffold job.

The Reese has to go. Andersen looks the best for our purposes. I know most think the Hensley is the gold standard but we have a big truck and that thing is just a bit complex for my taste. The Reese doesn't do a thing for me.

Oh and the goober crunched the water tank on the street side. NO leaks but I've got to pull it and straighten the tin and of course the rivets on the pan have worn through so I'get to fix that too.

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