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bikeukeguy 03-31-2014 07:02 PM

1952(?) Silver Streak Clipper Window Question
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Hey All,
My new project. Still waiting for a title but I'm close, sorry about the year. This is a shot of the street side. I am budgeted for replacing the bottom panel and the next 2 up. As you can see I have window authenticity issues. Big time. Herhs are not in the equation. I have original windows on the curb side except for that one front of the door. Suggestions. I am doing a full shell off resto on this girl. You should see the interior. Consists of the original toilet. I kid you not.

Melody Ranch 03-31-2014 07:34 PM

You may have many more concerns than Hehr windows. I suggest that you do some research and check out of where you want to go and where your at. The back window will be the least of your work. It was plexiglass and made from flat material. Lexan is your best bet on replacement....then there is the wood bracing inside and the type of rubber seal you can find.

bikeukeguy 03-31-2014 10:38 PM

I just bought this girl after 5 plus years of planning and searching. So I don't retype everything, I posted my complete plans in Gen. Repair as 1952 Silver Streak 22' Clipper. I am Bikeukeguy. I am doing that Full Monty. I am starting to remove the the windows next week. Then the roof vents. Then the inner skin, insulation, Bottom street side panel is definitely going along with those bottom windows. The next panel up I need flat with a louvre vent and a door panel access to an inline hot water heater. Then comes the big ugly windows panel, which, if I can get something closer looking and available I will be happy.
I am a lucky guy as I have access to custom made gaskets in a lot of material options. They laser scan the old original and then cut them via a Machine called a Flash cutter. Not cheap but accurate. Also a Water Jet. Know any one that really understands pipe frames?
I can get full width frame outriggers and I know someone with a 8' brake.
But I digress, anything closer to the Herhs on the other side would be good.
Also when looking in web landia I came across was a Clipper With an inner front door screen with a Clipper Ship water jetted into a piece of aluminum like D. Winick did with "Home Sweet Home".

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