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Penguin 06-01-2004 08:48 AM

1949 photos of Wee Wind?
We had our Trade Wind at a shop in Raleigh that used to be an AS dealer. They have a little trailer park in back and there is some teeny AS there, I would guess 17 feet, with all the panels that the 40's - early 50's AS had, and that little hood over the door. The guy who works in the shop said the owners of the place owned that AS. He was sure it was a 49 but couldn't recall the type. I thought it was a Wee Wind but have no reason except size to guess that because I have no photo to go by except the tiny one in 47WeeWind's avatar.

That is the long way around to my question: anybody know a source for photos of Wee Winds or other teeny AS from the late 40's? When I put "Wee Wind" in the search field on ASPhotos I get a bunch of other AS but no Wee Wind.

ooooh, that is a cool little AS!

Thanks in advance,


InsideOut 06-01-2004 08:58 AM

Check these out...

48 WeeWind

49 WeeWind

I'm sure Fred will chime in with pictures of "Ruby" his 48 WeeWind, if not I have a few from the Rocky Mountain VAC Rally last year I can post in this thread!

Here's a link to the Vintage Airstream Achives website index...just in case it's not a WeeWind, you can maybe resolve what it is by the rest of the pictures there.

Shari :)

Penguin 06-01-2004 09:05 AM

I am going to print out some of these photos at home and go look again. Now I am doubtful that it's a Wee Wind but I really want to identify it!

Who knew that AS lust for your first one propagates into AS lust for ANOTHER one? :o :o

(you all knew...)

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