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ckmosley 03-06-2014 07:56 PM

55 Flying Cloud Front Window and Gasket
I am the proud new (and very inexperienced) owner of a 55 Flying Cloud with a broken front window. The window was previously replaced and it appears that no gasket or sealant was used between the window and frame. Two questions:

1. The broken window is rectangular, but I saw a photo of a similar replacement and it appeared that the glass had rounded corners - what is correct for this trailer - or does it matter?
2. Is there a type of gasket or sealant recommended? My neighbor suggested that I use some narrow double-sided tape foam material that is supposedly used in residential home windows?

Any and all advice greatly appreciated!


whitsend 03-06-2014 08:31 PM

Keith - 1st off, you've got a GREAT vintage trailer. You're gonna LOVE IT.
Your questions -
1 - the window should be rectangular, and yes it does matter.
2 - Go to Vintage Trailer Trailer Supply for the right part(s). Also read some of the threads here on the "how to". Not hard to do but in time consuming. You have to remove the window from the track, unscrew a bunch of hold down screws, put in the new glass you've had cut to fit, put all the parts 'n screws back in place as you removed them & slide the window back in its track above the window. You can do it.

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