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SuperTrouper 03-05-2014 06:02 PM

36 SS Ford Deluxe The Ultimate Shiny TV
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To heck with the Aluminum! I found my next tow vehicle in stainless!

In 1935, officials at Allegheny Ludlum Steel Division and the Ford Motor Company collaborated on an experiment that would become a legacy and a tribute to one of the most dynamic ever developed. Allegheny Ludlum, a pioneer producer of stainless steel, proposed the idea of creating a stainless steel car to Ford. The idea took shape in the form of a 1936 Deluxe Sedan. That car became the centerpiece of a campaign to expose the public to the new metal and its many uses.

perryg114 03-05-2014 06:12 PM

It would look cool to see a polished Airstream behind that.


rodsterinfl 03-05-2014 06:45 PM

Agreed on the warranty. I am starting to shop for a truck and looked specifically at warranties. Surprisingly they are very similar. I am leaning toward the Ford as it is what I have and am happy with it. I don't have fleet experience; however, my father does as the company has both Chevy and Ford vehicles. His reply on our topic is that overall they had more repairs on the Chevys but when the Fords broke it was more substantial- transmissions, etc. The irony though is that Ford replaced without cost their transmissions. In his sales/maintenance Taurus he drove it 319,000 miles from new over a six year period. There were three transmissions replaced and one engine mount on his alone. That was about it he says. The other Fords had transmissions replaced as well and a similar lack of anything else. The wagon ran good but the seats were worn so bad that they replaced it for him. Meanwhile the Chevys had Oil pumps, water pumps and several other maintenance items replaced during their five year term- some transmissions but not in general.

I am looking forward to seeing this American aluminum truck! I will say that of the trucks. I have looked at so far, the Ram is one nice looking truck. I like their side toolbox and the white Longhorn is nice. Yep, the aluminum Ford has some competition.

Del Gurney 03-05-2014 08:32 PM

Hi Rodsterinfl: Thanks for that input...I too like the Rams for looks, the Ford concept front end looked boxy (in these days of aero dynamics it's a bit like a dinosaur look).
Let me know what your choice may be as I've as yet to take mine out of the barn ....after 3 years on blocks!
I spoke to a Ford dealer the other day on an unrelated issue of my Ford Ranger and he could not offer much info on the aluminum F150 (shroud of secrecy is seems)but he had had a few inquiries.
How'r you getting on with your Safari? Love mine!!

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