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05ModPod 05-12-2004 01:02 PM

She's no Zip Dee - but she'll do.....
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What do you do when you have an awning that fits not bad, works okay but looks like ^%$#. With only 10 days to Rally time and for the new one we need 3 weeks.....

What do you do when you spend hours cleaning with every known toxic mixture and still can not get the underside canvas spray paint it:D .

And while your at it you have some fun!!! - Don't sort of care about the top as I'm too short to see it - and only when you are far enough away can you see it and from that distance it looks brand new.

So the choice for underneath - well that was easy - had to be a start shower! :D

The bottom portion had to be "Radiant Silver" a really cool automotive spray paint very thin and light spray paint - that we will definately use for the understep and A frame when the time comes. (Canadian Tires own brand- they are great rust paints too and spray like a dream) When the Awning is rolled up now - it will match the shell rather than standing out like a really horrible sore thumb.

All this you say -why don't you just get a new awning - well we are having the top made but the hardware is original so we are keeping it - just found a longer cross pole so it will be the right size (right now it is about 1' too short and blocks an access door and one window from opening when the awning is wound up.)

So to those adventurous DIY's who are on a really tight budget - who have an awning but it has seen better days try spray painting it. Would not recommend roller or hand paint as it will crack with the thickness. This paint I used sticks great to canvas as well as the vinyl surface.

Here is a before picture and one where I am in the middle of the job - okay so I'm no Leonardo D'Vinci :p - still have to do the scallop part yet - and paint down the sides so I don't have the ugly greens and cream which is more like yuk cream.

05ModPod 05-12-2004 01:07 PM

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Can't really tell by that picture - here is a close up - but I must say it still does not do it justice.... ;)

67caravel 05-12-2004 01:27 PM


Nice work!


Happycampers 05-12-2004 03:43 PM

Great work Sharon
Sharon.. just love what you have done to the awning.. get idea Annie :cool:

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