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FrankR 07-19-2002 01:22 PM

Roof coating
I'm going to apply some white reflective coating to the roof. My pal put 4 coats on his SOB. He claims temps inside are much lower. Most of the new trailers are white. The stuff we are using is from Home Depot and is called snow white. Yahoo... My pal also had letters made of his name for roof.....

BobbyW 07-20-2002 06:56 AM

Hi Frank;

My only thoughts are on the HomeDepot stuff is will it take the flexing of a trailer that is moved around a lot?

Coating the roof of a SOB is pretty common. Camping World carrys a LOT of products for this practice.

You do know that this is not reversable and the stuff will never come off?

Just my early morning, not enuff coffee yet thoughts.

83Excella 07-20-2002 09:14 AM

Painted roof
Would the clearcoat be a factor in adhering to the skin?


FrankR 07-20-2002 10:27 AM

Roof coating and test
The roof coating material will stick to anything, even glass. The product is recommended for RVs and mobile homes. A man came over to shop and offered local welding shop had roof coated with good results in lowering temps and sealing any leaks. Only a few rules for application, clean surface and NO moisture present. Product is water soluable. More coats applied, more temp reduction. And it is now on sale.......was
$ $50.......
Easy application. Pour onto surface and rub around........hahaha

Action 07-22-2002 02:56 PM

Snow white
This stuff is very common in the south west as far as application on flat roofs for homes. It is designed to flex with heat and cold. (The temps I am talking about are from 130 to 35 degrees) I use this stuff on my home for the addition on the back. I used it for sealing a leak, however I coated the entire section of flat roof.

I did not notice much temp change. However the section I coated was about 700 square feet. ----It took about 3 applications before it really sealed the roof leaks. Now I coat my roof every other year, and have no leaks.

After using this stuff for 8 years here are some additional comments. It does fade with time. Not much just a little yellowing. It flexes well in the first year or so. After that it hardens to a point that no more flexing is available, a new coat is recommended. If you start the process of using this coating, there is no turning back. Recoating every 2 or 3 years will most likely be needed. It is not easily removed after it has cured. (about 24 hours) It does clean up with water and is very easy to apply with a paint roller.


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