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SkooterPop 11-13-2013 08:41 PM

Way to bring top of door into shape?
1973 Argosy

I'd like to explore a better seal on the main door, and was thinking about adding some sort of aluminum band(s), on the inside of the door, that would pull the bottom and the top of the door closer together to provide a better seal at the bottom and the top of the door frame. I could use a thicker weather stripping material, but then it would be around the whole door, and my problem specifically is with the top and bottom seals against the door frame. The other problem with a thicker weatherstripping is the door would then be hard to close and latch with the deadbolt.

I already replaced the rubber with factory rubber on the windows and doors, including the main and screen doors, but it seems if I want a tight seal around the top of the door, I need to bring that part closer to the frame, as opposed to the mid-section of the door, which seems to seal pretty tightly.

I've also tried the factory suggested method of putting a 2 X 4 in the center of the door and giving an ever so slight push against the top and bottom, and that seems to work a little, but after a few times closing and opening the door, it's back to square one.

Looking for a more permanent fix. Any ideas from you veteran restorers?

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