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jkinglet 10-12-2013 11:33 PM

The Mountain
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Sunset and Mt. Rainier looking north west from Frenchman Hills near Othello in central Washington State Wednesday October 9, 2013. We towed the FC to the lovely Potholes State Park for a few days in the sun and Sandhill Crane migration photography. (picture 2) Sandhill Cranes (and a duck, might be a teal) fly from a plowed corn field feeding area over central Washington State to their roost in the valley below October 10, 2013. Jeff

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nilesrob 10-13-2013 08:56 AM

jkonglet, those are AMAZING photos!! Great!

Anyone else? Where has your Airstream taken you? Any cool places in Texas? I know there are - I am sitting in one as we speak (Marfa).

Lumatic 10-13-2013 09:17 AM

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Jlinglet- Your photos are amazing. By the way heard my first sand hill crane overhead this year here in Estancia, NM yesterday. A major wintering ground is Apache Wildlife Refuge here in NM where hundred of thousands of snow geese, sand hills and a dozen or so whoopers winter.

Here's a shot from Rainer, but it does not compare with yours, just your standard stand by the sign so I can prove I was there shot

Tedd 10-13-2013 10:23 AM

The Road to Nowhere
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From a recent trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

nilesrob 10-13-2013 07:35 PM

Tedd, nice shot and nice to see Tennessee in the mix (I assume?).

Also, dirigible25, that eagle shot is amazing (well, both are great, actually!). How did you get it to pose like that?

We've not traveled Montana with our AS, other than to touch it on our way to Yellowstone. Any cool places your Airstream has taken you there??

nilesrob 10-13-2013 08:04 PM

We are now approximately 41.93548% through the month and we have some great shots from about 11 states so far (VT, CO, ME, MI, NM, ID, NY, OR, WA, TN, WY); historic shots from New England, gorgeous landscapes from Washington and Oregon and other places, wildlife shots that could be on the cover of magazines... Excellent entries so far!!

Keep them coming! From a personal standpoint, I'd love to see some cool places in California Airstreams have taken their owners. Not too much from the southeast or midwest so far, and I know there have got to be some great places to go there.

Fun pics so far!!

Lumatic 10-13-2013 08:42 PM

Here goes Utah
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1. Coyote Buttes 2. White Pocket / In the Grand Staircase

switz 10-13-2013 11:11 PM

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This was our first Airstream Group activity and third trip with our Airstream trailer

Grapes 10-14-2013 09:41 AM

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Ooooh a contest!!! I'm in for ARIZONA!!!

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dirigible25 10-14-2013 07:13 PM

Thanks Nilesrob "Also, dirigible25, that eagle shot is amazing (well, both are great, actually!). How did you get it to pose like that?

He was sitting on his perch in the tree and was looking around, this was one of many shots that I took before he flew off. Of course I wasn't looking when he lifted off, or that could have been the better of all the pictures I took of him.

nilesrob 10-14-2013 07:56 PM

Lumatic, some perdy nice UT shots! Switz, not bad being at the balloon fiesta as your third trip out! And Grapes, nice shots in AZ - haven't heard from AZ before now.

It's kind of interesting - apparently no one's Airstream has taken them to any good restaurants? Ours was so kind this evening to take us to Shady Grove in Austin. Green chili fries, Catfish, chicken fried steak. Booyeah.

dirigible25 10-14-2013 08:07 PM

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Here are a few from the Bend and Sisters area of OR. The waterfall is from one of the trailheads off the highway, and the lake is off another trailhead. We spent several days in the area and got in a lot of good hikes. The pond with the fountain is at the Bend/Sisters Garden RV Park in OR.

Alumaholic 10-14-2013 08:13 PM

Kartchner Caverns and Tubac Mission
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Our trip to Kartchner Caverns included a sidetrip to the very photographical Tubac Mission:

RangerJay 10-14-2013 08:38 PM

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Our bucket list following retirement was short - see all the great parks on the continent - the mechanism for being able to accomplish that was a shiny new 2002 Bambi (purchased in 2003) - she has hosted that trip every kilometre of the way. We've managed to put quite a dent in that bucket - and here is a tiny sprinkling of the stops inside it - these ones include Newfoundland, British Columbia, Yukon, Alaska, South Dakota, Colorado and (of course) Heaven (that would be Iowa).

Great theme - and some stunning pictures.



SteveSueMac 10-14-2013 08:53 PM

RangerJay - that's a stunning collection of beautiful sites captured beautifully!! Breathtaking!!

JDS 10-14-2013 09:06 PM


Thanks for the showing Iowa a little love!

John S. (from the Hawkeye state)

switz 10-15-2013 09:45 AM

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We passed this natural arch on Highway NM 177 between Quemado and Grants, NM enroute to the Albuquerque Ballon Festival.

nilesrob 10-15-2013 04:25 PM

Man o' man, we are getting some great pics - keep'm coming!!

Where has your Airstream taken you?

jkinglet 10-15-2013 05:42 PM

Land and Sea, Washington State
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Picture number 1 is another from earlier this month on the Washington coast between Tokeland and Grayland (mid-coast). Interesting cloud formations sprout up on the coast this time of year at sunset, especially after two major storms hammered the beaches. Shot with my handy-dandy smart phone.
Picture number 2 is from Potholes State Park last week in central Washington State on O'Sullivan Reservoir where hundreds of American Coots congregate to feed. The Cooter Scooter I call it. Jeff

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Lumatic 10-15-2013 06:22 PM

Wigwam Motel
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Rt 66, Holbrook, AZ

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