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Katheryn 08-27-2013 08:50 PM

What is it called? Please
Hi, I am looking online at the usual places where I have ordered parts and I can't find a listing for the metal channel piece that windows and hatches slide into on the outside of the camper. I am missing one, which I oddly hadn't noticed until the hatch/compartment door to the refrigerator is now duct taped on. I have a 72 I ask....what is it called? I know I have seen it for sale by the foot online, but am having a problem with my search terms. Thanks very much.

ventport 08-27-2013 08:53 PM

Can you post a picture of where the missing piece goes? Then your explanation will make more sense. Or maybe I am just confused.

Katheryn 08-27-2013 09:05 PM

I don't have a photo right now, and it is dark outside. It's very simple and I am sure I am not explaining it very well. You know, or maybe you don't if your airstream isn't similar to mine in window and compartment hatch design,..anyway, you know how the hatches and windows on older airstreams fold out to open?? They lift up to open....The windows and hatches have like a boy/girl system of a groove (on the window or hatch) that fit into a channel that is mounted on the outside of the camper. One of my hatches is missing the channel part that the groove part fits into. I have been focusing on the inside and just noticed that the refrigerator hatch door has fallen off and now it's being held on with duct tape. Imagine if you were taking a window or hatch door off and putting it back on....I have nothing to hook the door into..that strip that is riveted onto the outside of the camper is missing. Hope this makes more sense. If not, I will post a pic tomorrow...glare from flash wouldn't make for good photo right now. Thanks

Argosy Heir 08-27-2013 09:14 PM

Follow this thread. The modification will keep you from losing your hatches down the road. I purchased anodized aluminum piano hinge at McMaster-Car online.

Katheryn 08-27-2013 09:17 PM

Window Hinge!!!! haha. Thanks for your comments and help.

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