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rheadhuntress 04-19-2004 11:52 AM

First Big job.updating toilet from chemi to real
Hello, projects go...Steve started this morning on renovating bathroom in the 1972 Sovereign..He plans to take it from original chemical toilet to a real one...EEK first encounter was worms in old tank...Shades of X-FILES....ok back to my questions , Anyone ever do this????.,...Any advice for us novices?? Steve is very handy..we are basically gonna renovate whole all Journies start with the first big step///uh oh I vascilate again.,..Anyhow..this is a sSteve says a disgusiting start...PLease all kind souls Help.. ADVICE>..Like How is best way to remove original tiolet?...anyone ....

ok I will hush...

Rebecca AKA LUCY in the big Trailer

Chuck 04-19-2004 12:20 PM

First, you'll have to define "chemical toilet", and "real toilet".

the "original" toilet was a standard rv/marine toilet. the description for removing/replacing is simple. there are 2 bolts that hold it down to the flange. one is right in front, just under the flush-pedal. The other is hard to reach...its 180 degrees opposite the front one. there is a "knock-out" or plastic cover in the top rim of the toilet bowl. if you take that out, you can reach down in there with a rachet extension, and reach the rear bolt that way.

Anway, they are standard "closet bolts"...same thing that is used to hold down a regular houshold toilet. the bolt has a funny shaped head that slides into a grove in the flange, and sticks up through a hole in the toilet. a nut holds it down.

why are you replacing the toilet? is it broken? something leaking?

BobbyW 04-19-2004 07:08 PM

Are you talking about using a residential toilet?

This would use a lot of water. At least 1.6 gallons per flush. If you are hooked up to sewer the whole time it would not really be a problem. If you are relying on the black tank, it will fill up pretty quick.

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