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Hittenstiehl 08-04-2013 08:23 PM

*'65 TWIND Henrietta Revitalization*
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Hello fellow streamers,
You welcomed us to the Forum in June and we have started, with the help of skilled craftsmen, to revitalize our 1965 Tradewind, Ser. #SO245526, named Henrietta. We consider ourselves handy, or did until we came on this forum and saw the amazing work you all do. So we will try to do as much as we can and leave some of the tasks for professionals. We are former tent, pop up and now (in the big leagues) Airstream campers. We identify with both camping and yes some glamping, although we had not heard of it until now. As my DH says the ground is much harder and farther away these days. We are in our early 50's, still working and live in AZ in a subdivision with a homeowner association. So no parking at our house to pop out and so some quick work on it. We are not focused on keeping it all vintage or original but staying somewhat middle of the road. We are missing the goucho, fridge, and toilet and have the tub, sinks, cabinets (though in poor repair) and stove plus old squirrel cage. The water heater was replaced but is old, and we have the stove and original fresh water metal tank. So we will not go shell off, not floor out but maybe interior walls off to replace insulation and check out wiring. Currently the trailer has the belly pan off, all insulation out, old heater ducting removed and is getting ready for gray and new black tank. The learning curve is great but between the forum, messaging with the members and lots of calls to Inland and VTS we will figure it out.
Thanks for all your support
Here are a few pics you ALWAYS ask for.

MarkR 08-05-2013 03:22 PM

60's Airstreams are the best . . . and Tradewinds are the best 60's Airstreams . . . your mileage may vary (although it appears it doesn't - vary)

Condoluminum 08-05-2013 03:29 PM

Congratulations and that looks like a great starting point for a project... Too bad about the HOA and lack of options to just rush outside in the evening and pop a few rivets or add a little insulation.. Hopefully you have connected with Ken and Richard and others in the WBCCI 4CU who have done renovations along similar lines.. It really helps to talk to someone who has survived the project to feel better when you are having a bad day....

Hittenstiehl 08-08-2013 11:15 AM

Make it road safe.
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Making it road safe is one of first steps. We store away from home and will be bringing it home on occasion to work on it and will be towing to MVD and service shops. As we pulled away from the PO's house it creaked loudly and drug a bit because of the flat spots in the tires. We went directly (slowly across surface roads only) to a service shop We updated the plugs, checked brakes, tires and added safety chains. Here are a couple of before shots.

Hittenstiehl 08-08-2013 11:33 AM

Checking Breaks and Tires
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Brakes needed some work and parts came from Kentucky. Tires are severally sun damaged with lots of sidewall cracks. They were inspected and if we keep our speeds low and surface streets only we can still use them for a while we are working on it. Hear are some pics for the visual folks. And while I am at it please excuse the incorrect terminology of the various parts. I know if will bother many of you as I refer to things with their incorrect titles. Please feel free to correct me as I go. While my husband knows most of the correct terms he is not the one posting. :)

68 TWind 08-08-2013 12:29 PM

Looks great and has lots of potential. Enjoy the process but remember it will take you longer than you think (usually much longer). No problem if you realize that on the front end. Also, it will cost you about twice what you think you will spend (or more depending on your budgeting) All those little trips to HD and ACE add up- as do axles, tires, appliances, fantastic fan, plumbing, electrical components, and on and on. I still enjoy working on mine as there always seems to be something I can be doing to it.

Hittenstiehl 08-08-2013 01:08 PM

Thanks 68 T Wind
You are so correct on both accounts. We paid 1900 and felt we got a good price. At that point we had been reading Airforums for a couple of years so we had a SMALL clue. Recently we were admiring a 28' Overlander w/Twins on this classified and the $9995.00 price tag was out of our budget. With that in mind and after reading a post by Minno on keeping track of money we decided to do a excel sheet on all our money spent so far as we are not very far along. I put in EVERYTHING and included services, shipping and taxes. NOT to my surprise we are quite a ways up there in price already and we are nowhere near to being on the road yet. Then we subtracted the cost of what we are paying other people to do due to lack of skill sets, tools, room etc. It was a good education but we will keep ours for now and have the pride of doing some of it ourselves.


Hittenstiehl 08-14-2013 09:37 PM

Clean up and take photo's
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We brought her home for a "clean up weekend" with permission from the HOA. Lots of neighbors stopped by for a chat and peek. Our goal was to clean her up, take lots more pictures and try to make some sort of priority list and define some goals.
We do intend to bookdock/drycamp and occasional hook up.
We don't want to do shell off if possible.
We would love twins (has double) but double closet/vanity storage is great.

Took out the carpet, took out the dorm room fridge, gathered all the screens and vents.

Floor doesn't look to bad, most of the dark spots are adhesive from the previous peel and stick. The fold up table is missing the leaf and in poor condition but a friend is interested. Fridge was yucky and went to dump with an old mattress.

You are seeing in from the door, the hallway by the double bed and the area where the goucho isn't and dinette may be and then where the fridge was with the vent in the floor.

Hittenstiehl 08-16-2013 12:25 PM

65 TW some Original Parts
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Thought I would show some of the original (?) interior parts that may or may not stay. Don't worry I will offer any that will be removed and not take them to the dump. You are looking at the:
Fresh Water Tank (Pressurized bike pump outlet outside)
Magic Chef Stove next to the Stainless Steel Double Sink.
The International squirrel cage Heater.
The Antenna Directional dial?
The Thermix Catalytic? Heater
The Duo Therm Air Conditioner
Do they work, air conditioner no, not sure on the rest.

Fun Stuff

Hittenstiehl 08-16-2013 12:27 PM

Forgot to mention the gas lamp
Sorry forgot to mention the favorite Gas Lamp in the previous post. Just need a globe with they still make and it will stay whether it works or not because it looks neat.

Hittenstiehl 08-16-2013 12:56 PM

65 TW Some Original (?) Exterior Parts & Pieces
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So here are some of the original (?) things on the exterior of the trailer. You are seeing the:
The Original Vent (streetside) from under the sink International Heater
The Battery Compartment (streetside under double bed moved to tongue)
The Compartment (streetside)for access to Water Heater and Converter
The hanging underneath gage (streetside)(forgot what this is for) and the unknown hole (for what)
The very short Power Cord (streetside rear corner) out of a plumbing pipe?
The (special :)) 65 only Tail Light Housings that are crumbling
The Pump/Pressurized bike pump for the interior fresh water tank
A Antenna (streetside right rear corner)

PS. The vent is no longer in that spot as we picked a fight with a large delivery truck at the tire store. We lost, seems the body of Henrietta fit through the gap but we forgot about the slight extrusion she had in her hip area ie. the vent. But I kept the Vent and will try to hammer it out and put it back in place if for looks only.

Hittenstiehl 08-16-2013 01:28 PM

65 TW Exterior Lamps/Lights
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Here are some shots of the Exterior Lamps/Lights. We have decided to go LED and hope to get the rear tail light housing redone by the craftsman referred by Minno. As you see we have many generations and choices. Soon to be all one.

Hittenstiehl 08-16-2013 01:35 PM

65 TW One more (favorite) exterior Lamp/Light
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So in reviewing the post I left off my favorite Exterior Lamp/Light. I have heard the porch light/night light referred to as the scare lamp and we refer to this one as the scary lamp. (The very large one) I am sure it had a good use for the PO.

PS. And yes for you very observant readers that is our scare light next to it that initially had glass in it when I took the pictures for the previous post and it has since crumbled under a mere touch.

worldinchaos 08-16-2013 02:12 PM

This looks like a great project!! I haven't seen an unrestored/unrenovated one with so many intact parts in awhile. I'll be following the progress-- keep it up! :D

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