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exallen 07-01-2013 02:07 PM

6000RBTA Fan-tastic fan in 2004 Safari
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Quite a project replacing the existing front vent fan with a Fan-Tastic 6000RBTA fan in the front of the trailer. Pictures below show the existing vent. Tough job removing the old sealer.

The new Fan-tastic fan fit the opening fairly well. I thought I would use wiring from the light, but found future (solar panel?) pre-wire hanging there that worked beautiful.

Added some sections of 2x2 boards to fill in between the inner & outer aluminum layers and to provide a solid base for drilling the new holes and attaching the new fan.

Use some Butyl Rv putty tape between the fan and the outer skin. Then used the Henry roofing sealant to make the final seal.

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