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dgreen78 05-22-2013 06:47 PM

Fire damage :( Replacing windows/frames on '59 Tradewind
Hello! I am looking for some help with repairing our 59' Tradewinds windows/frames. We had a house fire that reached out to our trailer last week and blew out the side windows as well as melting the front (plexiglass?) window. We where able to remove the window frames from the trailer succesfully (all but one).

I did some reading on here and it seems to be that 1/8" is the standard thickness for this year? Is the same thickness recommended for the front? Do they make anything to prevent rock chips i.e. lamin-x? I was on VTS site and was not sure which seals to get? I believe our trailer has Hallmark windows.

One of the frames came apart when we where hammering it out and got badly mangled. I am assuming these are impossible to find and will have to find one from a similar year AS used from a salvage yard or Ebay?


cwf 07-17-2013 04:08 PM

Wow. That $200k worth of damage wasn't covered by homeowners? SJK (Sorta Just Kiddin)

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