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HeadWest 02-26-2013 09:58 PM

Inconsistent speaker placement on new 28's
With looking at too many pictures of new 28' Airstreams with ordering and now waiting for ours to come in, I've noticed that the 2nd set of speakers are in two different locations depending on model. The Internationals, both Signature and Serenity versions, have the one set of speakers in the bottom of the overhead compartment above the lounge. The second set of speakers are in the ceiling between the dinette and the galley running fore and aft. There are no speakers in the bedroom.

However, on the 28 Flying Cloud the front speakers are the same location but the second set is in the bedroom ceiling.

Any thoughts on the logic with this and why this wouldn't be consistent between the different versions for the 28's? It's got me scratching my head (and obviously too much time to think about these things while I wait for the new toy to arrive).

BAB 02-27-2013 03:03 PM

I have the 2012 28' Intl Signature and my speakers are placed as you described. I am not sure why one model is setup like mine and the Serenity has them in the BR. I can tell you after a year plus now that the placement in my trailer is fine. I'm not sure I would want them in the bedroom, as when I'm in there I'm generally in bed watching the TV (an option I highly recommend, BTW). It's possible to route the sound of the main TV through the other speakers (but not the BR TV). Eventually, I'll replace the factory jobs (cheap) with some decent models, but the sound from either the CD/Ipod/radio, etc., is more than adequate....not for the 1812 Overture, but from the basic music/commentary standpoint. You will thoroughly enjoy your 28. The floor plan works really well for me. The only thing I don't particularly love is the L shape sofa. It looks nice, but it is not all that comfortable due to its height and width. (My two basset hounds do like it, and the UltraLeather seems to be basset-proof.) I may eventually pull it out and put in a couple of nice recliners. I've done a number of upgrades based on what I've read on these Forum threads. 16" wheels/tires, better converter/charger unit, designer draperies/spread, window boxes, etc. It tows like a dream and I look forward to MANY years of enjoyment. Congratulations on your purchase!

HeadWest 02-27-2013 08:24 PM

Thanks BAB for the thoughts on the speakers. I'm sure I'll be fine with the placement as is just find it interesting the inconsistency across the models. I'll probably also upgrade the speakers at some point down the road.

My wife and I are both pretty happy with the L shaped lounge. We are both like having our feet up on the sofa at night and feel we will be comfortable with the arrangement but can understand the personal preferences with this too.

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