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silver suz 03-19-2004 08:59 AM

moving the bath from back to the side
1971 31' sov. landyacht. Well, we now have the bathroom out thanks to all the wonderful advice from you folks. We are stripping to the exterior walls and replacing the insulation.

Of course I dont want to do things easily, I would like a side bath, back bedroom. What are the problems that I will encounter?

Is this idea too off the wall? I have my design head set on it but I'm not the engineer. We have no grey water tank and would like to have one. Does the toilet have to sit right over the black water tank?

Is this doable in a reasonable manner? I don't want to drive my guys too crazy. But i'll be living in this for months at a time.
Thanks ,Silver suz

Over59 03-19-2004 09:26 AM

Bathrooms are light with empty tanks. Bedrooms are heavy with lots of stuff stored there. I've spent some time thinking of this same mod. I've concluded that the issue, if there is one, is weight distribution and rear end loading while traveling. Sitting still in the back yard is no problem with the back supported with jacks. The overall weight distribution needs to result with the right load on the hitch and the center of gravity forward of the axel. Grey tank and black tank over the axel seems to be what most recommend when possible.
Check some other threads as one very clever and able fellow put a tank between the frame over the axel area. Alot of work.
I will be putting in an above floor grey tank if I go ahead with th design. Right now on hold as there are units showing up that are already setup with rear beds. Why make it hard?

silver suz 03-19-2004 09:37 AM

back bed -center bath
Why make it hard?... It already is hard. we are committed to this trailer. Most of the stuff is all over the driveway. the bedroom I want to do would have bunk beds with futons wood slats. and a computer desk (no shelves or drawers) and chair and air filters. Cant store much in the same bedroom with me or I have trouble breathing. Even my clothes are on those steel open diamond shelves from sam's club, in the house. There will be no drawers no dressers no closets. I will have a small vent for the computer when I am running it or an air cleaner blowing across my face. so i dont understand the heaviness comparison? The shower will be stainless steel so I want to keep itover the axels as much as possible.
Still think I can do it? silver suz

rivercaner 12-29-2008 07:24 AM

hey silver suz, i know this is an old thread but i'm thinking about making a bed nook in the back, replacing the bathroom. did you end up leaving the bath in the back or did you put the bedroom back there?

i was glad to read about the weight consideration for bed vs bath. i can see how it could be an issue for me, because i think i'd design it as a bednook over storage. even without storage, i guess i see how the bedroom furniture is heavier than the plastic/fiberglass bath.


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