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Question New 23 CB before delivery concerns

Lots of great advise on the forum. And as a retired Automotive Instructor I do understand warranty and parts failures. Also how a service department can make or break a customer’s attitude and the manufacture’s reputation.

This is my first post. We are very new and green and uneducated to traveling in an Airstream. Never had one nor any other RV. Four trips on a Harley coast to coast was our adventures. That said.

I must admit all these problem post’s have my wife and I saying what did we do? As Saturday we just deposited on a new in stock 2018 23 CB. We are almost ready to back-out.

I have three concerns if anyone wishes to help.

1: As we have a new F-150 EcoBoost with tow package the dealer who once raved and wanted us in a Blue Ox Hitch. Now - because of customer with a new 2017 Ford F-150 towing a new 25 that had a nasty "death wobble sway “ over 60.

They only fixed it with a Eqial-i-zer Hitch. The threads on hitchs makes one want to buy a B Van! However I do not want to head out of the lot to find out I bought the wrong hitch or the wrong tow vehicle.

2: Ok we got a good fair price. However I looked at the door grab handle and saw oxidation. Sales said it was a new unit just in, they all do it , Airstream does not care ? Really they corrode that quick?

3: The trailer is hooked up to power for show, While that is nice I’m wondering how much wear and tear on the AC unit as it’s in Florida set a 78 24/7. We have not taken delivery. Should I be concerned on the AC constant use probably for a month or more?

I thought of calling JC with the vin and asking when it was built and delivered. We have visited the factor to watch production. I buy from the service end not sales end. Enjoyed the factory tour,

Comments appreciated-

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23 expert “self proclaimed”

Ok so here goes,
1st your Tow vehicle will be just fine plenty of power for that 23. I tow with a Duramax 2500 but I carry ALOT of “crap” with me so I need the capacity. The F150 will pull just fine and the weight distribution hitch should be your choice. All if set up right work. I tow with a basic EZ Lift with 800lbs bars. Blue ox is a great hitch so is Equalizer.

The grab handle will “patina” and it is not a problem. The rest of the trailer is clear coated and will be fine.

I would not worry about them running the AC unit, if nothing else they made sure is had no problems for you. Your warranty will start once you purchase the unit so if you have a problem you will be covered.

LAST and MOST important
Forums are where people (myself included) come to complain. DO NOT expect problems. Things will happen and there is a “break-in period” for a new unit to get the Bugs worked out but once you do you should be good to go.
Take the time to get to know your unit and when problems arise you will be ready.

I LOVE my 2014 23D spend at least 100 nights in it each year over the last 3 years. I have fixed it, broke it, modified it to make it “better”, and know it inside and out.

Enjoy your new unit with little if any fear. Educate yourself on how it all works and enjoy tinkering and you will be livin the dream.

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Welcome! Congratulations!

Only read the forum to educate yourself, to know what to look for and to be ready for what you yourself find.

Everything has a + or -, the forums are a great place to find out what the -'s are, but if you only go by what you read on them you would never be able to leave your bed as the entire world is broken and about to fall apart.
Get out there, enjoy what you have and figure out it's particular quirks and deal with them...
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After towing for six years using a Hensley hitch, and now a ProPride hitch, I would not be without the ProPride. You're likely not looking to spend yet more money at this point, but, at least for us, the expenditure makes perfect sense: peace of mind that the sway will be eliminated and the driver is not stressed, and that your significant cash outlay for the new Airstream has an extra layer of "insurance". I try to keep my speed in the low 60 mph range. I expect it will not take you long to get comfortable and start enjoying your Airstream adventures.
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Be sure to not rush (or be rushed) through the delivery presentation. Here you'll learn how the various features operate, and can be sure that they do indeed operate. If something doesn't seem right this is the time to have it rectified. Have the dealer install whatever hitch you get and show you how it works. The F150 should be fine for the size Airstream you're getting. It would probably work fine for our 28 foot trailer too, but just didn't have enough payload for us, so we got an F250.

Despite seeing things working well and understanding how they work you'll need to do some break-in camping close to home to get comfortable with it all, and to catch anything you may have missed earlier.

Some dealers have the ability to house you on site the evening after you buy the Airstream. In our case we went to a state park some distance away. That gave us an opportunity to learn about towing, backing up, hitching up, and so on. We found a few things that didn't work properly and made an appointment to have them fixed when we got back home.

We've had our trailer about six months now, and have spent some 25 nights in it. No major problems have cropped up, but we have made a lot of improvements to personalize our Airstream and make it better. We've also found it prudent to be on the lookout for any fasteners working themselves loose over time. This week one of the awning "travel hooks" was loose and one of the fancy aluminum step pivot screws came out. Blue locktite should prevent both from being a problem again.

Again, go into the ownership with a positive attitude, but be aware that no piece of mechanical equipment is perfect. Have fun!
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First, welcome to the Forum... it's a good place to hang out, a great resource for problem-solving, idea-sharing, and good old fashioned interesting conversation. I hope you come here often.

I suppose you already know that the 23CB used to be called the 23D, so when you see posts about the 23D Airstreams, you may find something interesting there for you.

Also, there is an EXCELLENT thread on this forum [more or less] dedicated to all things 23D (well, OK, 23CB, too!). Here it is:

It's probably one of the very best threads on the forum with lots of interaction among its "regulars." I've referred to the 23D thread as "The Clubhouse," but I can see that has a bit of a sniff of exclusivity to it, and, please be assured, there is NOTHING "exclusive" about it... I hope to see you there often.

May I encourage you to read through the entire 23D thread... there are a g'zillion posts and, by reading through the thread, you will get a pretty good feel about the Airstream you have purchased... and probably a few tips to make it work even better for YOU.

As for us, we positively love our 23D! I checks all our boxes and scratches all our itches... I can only hope that you enjoy yours as much as we do ours!

All the best, and I'll see you over on the 23D thread!

2014 23D International Serenity - "Fortune Cookie"
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And some stuff

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First of all, welcome to the Airstream family.

A few things that I recommend to save your batteries. (These are in the order that I think matches their importance.)

One, put a disconnect switch on the hot wire leading to the inverter. The inverter is wired directly to the batteries, so the USE/STORE switch does not disconnect it. The WFCO inverter pulls a lot of power from the batteries, draining the batteries, even when not turned on. If you store your Airstream between camping sessions without it staying plugged in to shore power, it will rapidly drain your batteries, damaging them.

Two, the LP detector is wired directly to the batteries. The USE/STORE switch does not turn it off, making it a parasitic draw. It is not nearly as bad as the inverter, but if you store the Airstream for an extended period, say over the winter, it will also drain the batteries. In my Airstream, the LP detector is right beside the fuse block. My solution was to run a hot wire from a slot on the fuse block to the LP detector, taping off the original hot wire. Since the USE/STORE switch turns off power to the fuse block, the LP detector is now turned off by the USE/STORE switch.

Three, replace the WFCO (I think the 2018 model year went from the Parallax to the WFCO) converter/charger with a Progressive Dynamics PD4655V. The older Parallax boiled batteries dry, killing them. The WFCO is not so bad about that, but it is known to have real problems going into boost mode for quick charging. If you do much off grid camping, the WFCO won't charge your batteries nearly as fast as the PD will.
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Send a message via Yahoo to Kyet
I tow a 30' Classic with an Equalizer hitch. I have driven in mountains, heavy winds, downpours, and yes, next to hundreds of the dreaded semis. Tows like a dream.
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Don’t worry!

I have a 2017 Ford F-150 with MaxTow, 36 gallon fuel tank and Equalizer hitch pulling our 19’ Bambi.....we have had zero problems with the two units working together....truck has every other tow option available.

Initially we suffered with a Hensley getting that fearful wobble....after 120 Miles we turned back to our dealer, installed the Equalizer and now can take any highway, any hill and any wind condition speed limit is 65 mph with the trailer and theoretically could take my hands off the wheel and let the truck drive itself.....truck converted to 16 inch L rated 10 ply Michelins and the AS got the same first class treatment. Keep the F150 Eco Boost’s tires at 60 psi And the AS at 70 psi. Change the wheel bearing grease every 3000 miles or so....easy to do and sail along care-free.
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I tow 2015 27 ft FC FB with a 2009 Silverado 1500 crew cab short bed and the Blue Ox. No issues.

Your newer ford should tow even better.

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I am sure that all will be well. Pre-delivery jitters are understandable, but in the end I am sure you will leave with a feeling of excitement and relief.

As for the hitch, I know of an issue with a new 30 Classic being towed by a new Ford F-150 eco-boost with a Blue Ox Sway Pro that had sway issues. The fellow changed to an Equal-i-zer, and had no further issues at all. He said it towed like it was on rails! That being said, the Blue Ox and Equal-i-zer are both great products, and either one would be a good set-up with your tow vehicle and trailer combination. In the interest of full disclosure, I tow my 30 with an Equal-i-zer.

I hope this helps, and that you enjoy your new Airstream for many years to come!
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As long as we are trading "towing experiences," here's ours:

We tow a 2014 Airstream 23D
With a 2015 Ford F150 XLT, 3.5 EcoBoost, MaxTow Package, large fuel tank.
Reese hitch (the number on the shank is 54970, but I'm not sure that's very helpful).
Reese 800-pound tapered trunion bars

The whole shebang tows like it's on rails... couldn't be happier!
2014 23D International Serenity - "Fortune Cookie"
2015 Ford F150 3.5 EcoBoost, Max Tow - "Cookie Monster"
And some stuff

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Hi hforward,

Congratulations on your new 2018 Flying Cloud! Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service and Technical Support team at with any questions.

Thank You!
Official account for Airstream, Inc.
Airstream Customer Service and Technical Support can be reached at 1 (877) 596-6111, option 1.
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Practice hitching and un hitching several
Times before leaving on a trip
There is a learning curve

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