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If I lived in GA, Iíd go for two

I had a 25í Safari and always fought the heat. I put on a full awning package, put reflective insulation in all windows when traveling and still the trailer got hot. I tried to do what some suggest and traveled to cooler climes (Rocky Mts.) in summer, but had to drive through Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and eastern Colorado to get there. Now I have a 30í rig with two ACs and have no problem. I live in East Tennessee, so itís probably not as hot as Hotlanta. I see folks on here that say they stay comfortable in a one-AC 25í, but, unless they are camping in fall and spring only, I donít know how they can do it.

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Baby Zeppelin's post regarding temps at Doswell International Rally - that is EXACTLY why I decided to forego the rally this year.

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Two a/c units are delightfully cool in any summer heat! So glad we decided to get ours with the double units.
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..... summer route west: UP of Michigan to Wisconsin / Minnesota / North Dakota. So far we've spent way more time running the heat than even thinking about the A/C. Yes, weather is highly variable and there are no guarantees.


For two A/C's to help you out, you need a 50A site or a mighty big generator. In some parts of the country that's not a big deal. In other parts .... errr .... not as easy to find. Indeed as time marches on, there are more and more sites with 50A. Go back a few decades and there were not very many at all ....

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Spent 5 weeks in New Orleans in May/June. Ran our single AC unit full time for five weeks. We have a 2017 28' trailer.

95 degrees outside.... still 80+ degrees inside.

Good enough for camping weekends but not long term in my experience.
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We have a 2016 27FB. First trailer ever. Only one AC. Only one thing I would change. Is to have the second AC. Very difficult to add later, small expense at new purchase.Retired travel quite a lot. On truck side of the equation i have a 1/2 ton, I have 3/4 ton truck envy.
Arnold and Amy Terkel
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2004 25' Safari
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My main complaint

about the ac on our 25' Safari (as well as our 1st SS Safari, also 25') is simply the noise. (How I wish the ac's were ducted back when ours was built and had more insulation! That would help a lot for comfort & efficiency!) But I can't imagine the noise of having 2 running and I doubt 2 are necessary anyway. We keep our AS in S. Ga, and live in N. FL, so I know all about the heat & humidity. While we don't do summer "camping," we do stay in it in place at times (under shelter, so somewhat shaded), and there have been many times during spring & fall camping that it has gotten pretty hot, esp when in full sun. So far though, the one ac has been very adequate. It usually takes at least a good 10 minutes to start cooling down if it has been sitting without the ac on. If we know it's going to be hot during a day out, we leave the ac on anyway so the refrigerator doesn't have to work so hard.
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25' a/c

I have a 03 25' Safari SS mouse-fir interior (the mouse-fir provides a little insulation), with one factory a/c.
I'm not sure of the a/c specs.
My a/c gives an honest 20-deg delta-t, if its 95 outside it will be 75 inside, if its 100 outside it will be 80 inside.
Good Luck!
2003 Safari 25SS
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Originally Posted by Flyingchiodo View Post
I have a 27' Globetrotter and I can tell you spending this week in Cape May, NJ the heat reaching the mid to high 90s has been terrible. We are in the shade at NJSH AS Park but only 30A service limits me to using only 1 of my 2 units so 1 AC will have to do but it will not keep up during the day. The only time it cycles on and off is at nighttime. During the day 1 unit does not get the job done. A 25' will be a little better but to me the choice is clear, 2 units. Nice to have a backup if one fails also.

Now all I need is 50A service...
We have two A/Cís and just had Easy Start installed and can now run both of them with 30 amp service. Having Easy Start makes a lot of sense in that even if you have 2 A/Cís finding 50 amp service can be difficult, especially at non-private campgrounds.
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Originally Posted by Belbein View Post
I mean, are they worth the money or does one work fine? (I'm talking about a 25 or 26.) Remember, I'm in the deep South, and it's hot as heck here.
is your trailer wired as 50 amp system. 30 would be overload for 2 ACs.
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Two ACs - Recent experience

We just took our 2017 FC across Texas and NM during the heat wave. Travel day temperatures near 97 with full sun. Our single AC worked quite well overall but I sometimes wished I had the second one. We had limited to no shade a couple times and arrived about 3PM - close to the worst time. I had an internal Vornado fan that helped a lot but if you want to be cool quick on arrival the second AC would be great(I think).

One thing seldom mentioned is that the second AC gives you a backup in case one fails.
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Originally Posted by icebox500 View Post
Spent 5 weeks in New Orleans in May/June. Ran our single AC unit full time for five weeks. We have a 2017 28' trailer.

95 degrees outside.... still 80+ degrees inside.

Good enough for camping weekends but not long term in my experience.

You had my sympathy when you said "5 weeks in NOLA in May/June." Why why why?
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2 AC's or 1

We have a 25'FC with2 AC's. We never use both. 1 is quite sufficient.
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We have a 25 ft International with two A/C's. Granted we have only been out for one trip and it wasn't really very hot, two A/C's cooled the trailer down within a few minutes in the afternoon when we got back from our adventures. That was pretty awesome. I suppose if you're careful about where you camp, one would work. But like others have said, if buying a new coach, get two.
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Well I am actually someone with real world field experience in this area.

We had a 25 RBT with 1 AC for 2 years. It was in an accident this spring and at that time we traded it plus the insurance check for a 27 FBT with 50 amps/2 ACs.

I was kind of skeptical at first about this. But as they say, you can't miss what you never knew you didn't have.

We much prefer the 2 ACs for a couple of reasons.

1-when we get off the road and hook up the power and turn on the AC, the trailer cools down to comfortable much faster now. In about 15 minutes. It took a lot longer with only 1.

2-when we had only 1 AC, we did have watch power use on design days. Would need to turn off the AC if running the microwave at dinner time which coincides with the hottest part of the day and when voltage at campgrounds gets stressed the most.

No we don't love the heavier power cord. But we do like both the 50 amp service, and the 2 ACs.

Piggy Bank
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25 FC--are two ACs necessary, or required, or just a bunch of hot air?

The way my trailer is built it will hold back the heat back better than any stock unit, and the way I park in southern NM in full shade will make my trailer cooler than most any trailer parked in direct sun........

My single 13,500 Coleman will allow me to easily keep my 31 footer in the low seventies in 100 degree heat.......

But, if I was buying new, there's no question, I'd have two air conditioners.

That's the bottom line.
The fact that I am opinionated does not presuppose that I am wrong......

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My bad. The hubs said we have run micro TV but not the air. That is why we will be getting a second or installing the easy start. I guess that our last trip we were at 50 amps during the heat. Except Durango. Cool enough at night.
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(Remember, I'm in the deep South, and it's hot as heck here)

You just answered your own question.
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Common sense would suggest the best scenario is having 2 a/c's!
If the weather is way too hot, use both. Not too hot, use one.
One breaks down, you've got a back up! Why does your vehicle
have so much available horsepower when you're only driving through
a shopping center? Answer: Because sooner or later you'll be towing
a trailer up a hill and need the extra power! Hmmmm that almost sounds logical!
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Buy Two

It's like buying four-wheel drive.
You only need it when you need it, but you are always glad to have it.

Ken L
2019 Flying Cloud 27FB
2018 GMC Yukon Denali XL
Four Corners Unit WBCCI #5783
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