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Problems With New Flying Cloud

We purchased a new 28 Flying Cloud in August and so far the roof has leaked, one of the stove burners will not light and two of the five straps that hold the fresh water tank cove blew off on the back side.

About ten days after we brought our trailer home it rained and the roof leaked. With the closest dealer 300 plus miles away I decided to go ahead and fix the leak. The leak was coming from the awning rail on the kitchen side. Rather than calking I used Eternabond tape and covered the rail edge and screws along the entire rail. So far so good.

On our first trip after arriving at our location we filled the fresh water tank and within a few minutes it sounded like to cherry bombs went off underneath the trailer. Two of the five straps and several other bolts that hold the cover up had blown off and the cover was hanging down on the side where the straps had come off. Temporary repair was made to bring the trailer home and will be taking it in to a dealer in several weeks to have it repaired.

Wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar problem. I'm not able to get a diagram of the fresh water tank installation so I am curious to know how it is supported underneath the cover.

The stove burner will be repaired when it goes in for the tank/cover fix.

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I don't know why, but during the factory tour I noticed the awnings are installed after the trailers go through their water pressure leak test. Maybe because they act like a rain gutter and direct water away from the side(s) of the trailer. Nonetheless, it's a shortcoming and something to inspect when you get your trailer.

There is a delay when lighting the burners while the gas gets from the valve to the burner perhaps. Be sure to give it a moment before shutting off.

Doesn't seem like the weight would bring down the water tank. Maybe the little vent next to the fill cap is plugged, and the expansion of the water inside expanded the tank enough to break it loose from the straps? If they replace the straps etc they should also check the vent.

Doug and Cheryl
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New Airstream

I just bought the same year and model. First night out we had a water leak, and the shower spilled water out whenever anyone showered. Turns out, the shower door threshold was put in backwards with the raised lip on the inside instead of the outside so the water came down on the inside of the door and out into the hall. Also, the bathroom walls had open phillips screws showing instead of the white caps over them and one wall was cut so poorly they had tried to fill the gaps with caulk and made a mess on the walls. The last issue is the bathroom door doesn't stay closed when moving as there is a large gap between the door and the latch. You can actually see into the bathroom through the gap.
So far the dealer has stopped the leak by caulking the top clearance lights, and caulking a rivet on the back awning and the rear window trim.
We still have to repair the other issues. Needless to say we are very disgusted by the poor quality.
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Welcome to the world of Airstream travel trailers.You will need to be handy in order to own one.These are small problems that you will get straightened out.In time there will be more but they usually easy to fix.
We have all had a few glitches so we understand.
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yeah, im waiting on mine for pickup on 11/15....after reading the forums for a long while now, I pretty much assume that a) its plausible that there will be no leaks or major issues but b) its plausible that there will be leaks and other relatively minor but highly annoying issues...

I am simply primed to already look for these and plan trip(s) back to dealer or to JC for warranty repairs...hopefully no more than 2 of them during the warranty period...

it is very bad PR for airstream for these brand new trailers to leak...but it happens...not sure how many reports on here I have read about it, but it is "many"...I am willing to assume that most will not have leaks, but it is clear that "many" in fact do...and this is too bad...but what is important is to get all these hiccups addressed and taken care of then enjoy the long haul and keep up with maintenance...or so some of the more experienced here have told me....

good luck, hope you get it all fixed and get to enjoying!!

I was told by doug as well about the awnings being put in post leak test...going to watch that like a hawk.
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We have a 2005 Safari 25FB that we purchased new. We have towed this trailer over 115,000 miles and have spent almost 1,400 nights in it.

Over the years, we have experienced a number of leaks, mostly around various windows. More recently, we have had leaking at the floor belt line. We have had our Airstream to Jackson Center twice over the years. They were able to fix the leaks, but they eventually reappeared in other spots.

Has this been frustrating? Yes. Has it seriously impacted our numerous Airstream adventures? No, not really.

We are in the process of trading in our 2005 Safari. We are trading it in on another Airstream. Is there a better more durable travel trailer out there? Probably not.

SuEllyn & Brian McCabe
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Newbe checklist:
Make sure to switch out yours tires if they are GYM's so they dont blow and damage your trailer upgrade to Michelin LT's.
Change out the low quality converter so not to cook your batteries.
Change out the low quality brittle skylites )as they are probably cracked at time of delivery and will leak)and install Maxim skylights.
Buy Boeshield,Corrosion X and treat it right away to slow down the imminent filform corrosion.Then wax or treat the exterior with a polymer sealant.
Now you should be good to go with your new Airstream!
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2014 30' FB FC Bunk
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I think the leak detector ideas make since and allow you to catch leaks hopefully early and within warranty period - add that to checklist arguably - perhaps check perimeter every couple months and address any moisture
The atoms of our bodies are traceable to stars that manufactured them...We are not figuratively, but literally stardust.

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Thumbs down Once upon a time......

.....the "Mothership" was actively involved in all things Quality.

Not so much anymore....

I could go back and find our "laundry list".....but it just makes me .

Suffice to say, "your not alone".

Sandra wanted to go to Cleveland on vacation,
but Im the Husband, so we went to Cleveland. 😘

Its a crooked piece of time that we live in.
John Prine
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No problems here... sort of

Sorry to hear about your issues GFM. We have a 2013 27' FC and have had no problems like you've experienced. Our one issue, which happened twice, was the water pump stopped working. Both times replaced by our dealer who is only 30 miles away. I can't imagine a 300 mile trip for repairs/warranty.

We love our trailer and hope you get many happy memories from your trailer!

"Don't forget, be excellent to each other!" Bill or Ted
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No Problems Here Too...Sort of.....

I bought mine right out of the dealer showroom during one of the wettest winters on record. I did not discover a leak until I brought it home.
Yeah, that "threw a lot of water" on the Aistream honeymoon, figuratively speaking.

So, back to the dealer we go. (Thankfully, they are only a relatively short drive away). The leak is fixed (along with two others in the next 18 months). The water pump was also replaced in that period.

The trailer still lives outside (here on the wet) coast and I have not detected any more leaks, nor have I had any maintenance issues. I have recently returned from a month on the road in September, and have taken two short trips since then. Every system on the trailer worked incredibly well. I do not have any filiform - but have also Walbernized it until I'm blue in the face!

I have enjoyed the trailer 200%. Despite the earlier issues (and the ongoing ones I read here on the forum), I have no regrets. The trailer is also my driveway "woman cave" when I'm not on the road.

In conclusion, all RVs can be a real PITA. I frequent a RV park in the Cascade Mountains with over 100 sites, and it is often fully occupied. I am usually the only Airstreamer there. Boy, do I hear about the issues from other SWB trailer/motor home owners. When I relate my "issues," most of them reply, "Is that all? I wish I had an Airstream." One of the more noteable cases involved a $395,000 right-off-the lot Class A motorhome. The poor couple were on their first trip, had already popped a leak, were eating in restaurants because their oven, range, and microwave would not work, and had to sleep outside during a very hot spell because both air conditioners crapped out.

Anyway, in hindsight, I don't think I would have bought an Airsteam (or any RV for that matter) without reasonably close dealer support.

I really hope the bad will be behind you - and as BicycleStream wrote -
you get many happy memories from your trailer!
easily distracted by shiny objects
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I know of some folks who bought a new 5th wheel in 2012. After using it for the 2012 camping season the slide out would not work. Apparently the frame of the trailer is too weak for all the extra weight and the slide out would get stuck. It went back for repair (trailer gone 5 months over the winter). They go through the 2013 camping season and they are back at square one with the slide out not working.....
Your troubles should be easily fixed though they should not have happened in the first place.
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I think the majority on this forum will agree that they would not buy another brand.
The defects just add character to the journey with Airstream ownership.
There would be no forum if problems were non existent
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GFM...on the burner that won't light on your stove-top...lift the hinged top up and make sure the ignition cable is attached at both at the switch and one at the burner. We have one burner on our stove top that fails from time to time and every time, one end of that dang cable has fallen off. Easy easy fix...put it back on and we're good to go.

I will join others here who offer encouragement. We bought our 19' new and had a few relatively minor issues at the beginning, including a leak from the TV antenna crank that took us 3 tries to get resolved...finally they discovered that one of the screws under the solar panel had not been caulked...water was following the path of least resistance and "finding" the antenna. We have not had a leak since. We have had very very few issues with the Bambi and we have enjoyed it immensely over the years. And we hope the same for you.

TB & Greg and Abbey Schnauzer
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