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2010 28' Flying Cloud
Slidell , Louisiana
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We have traveled over 180k miles across US & Canada in 28 ft FC for several years, trip lengths 3-4 months at time, few stays anywhere over 7 days, usually move Sunday as most parks clear out Sun not make reservations and have never had a problem. We do not stay at private rv parks & resorts but use state and national parks, COE, BLM, TVA etc. Do not overnight at Wal-Mart, truck stops, etc unless stranded by weather, highway shutdown etc. 28 ft will fit almost anywhere in US & Canada except tight gas stations.

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2012 28' International
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I've never had a problem finding a campsite for my 28'. Even in Yellowstone where it said 25' max, reservations still found me a spot.


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2014 27' FB International
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First of all, we did Yellowstone this Spring with a 27'. No problem! Saw a few considerably longer squeezing in.
Second. Those extra 2 or 3 feet make a big difference in livability if you are spending more than a couple weeks at a time on the road. We are very comfortable in our 27, but not so sure without that little extra space.
The only problem I see, is that some of the FS campgrounds in our area were built when camping meant tents. It's good to preview a site if you can.
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2013 25' FB Flying Cloud
Longmont , Colorado
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Our first trailer was a 13 foot Scamp. We like to go to to out-of-the-way Forest Service campgrounds around the west. We've been in multiple sites where the Scamp was a tight fit, and a 25 would be impossible. That said, most of these campgrounds have sites large enough for a 25, or even a 30. But competition for those big sites is heavy.

Two years ago we bought an AS 25FB Flying Cloud. We chose it with the idea it was the smallest AS that had what we wanted: A separate bed room, dry bath, big fridge, dinette for four adults.

Our longest trip in the AS was three months. We found two significant limitations to the 25:
1) Inside storage was tight. We were camping a long way from the nearest town, so we only got groceries once a week. And every three or four weeks we'd go to a bigger town, two hours away, and stock up. After those stock-up trips, our storage was bulging. And we never did find a good place for a few items.
2) Seating comfort. The dinette seats really messed up my wife's back and hips (she has a long history of trouble in this area). During our 3 month trip, she bought a simple folding chair for her to sit in. It works much better for her than the dinette benches. She is now designing a new bench for one side of the dinette, which she will build before we head out again.

Ideally, I'd trade in the Scamp and the 25FB on a Bambi and a 30 foot AS with recliners. But in reality I think we will stick with the 25FB. Plus, our tow vehicle is just about maxed out towing the 25FB. If we got a 30, we'd feel the need for a bigger tow vehicle, which would have a worse ride, worse turning circle, and would not fit in our garage at home.
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1995 25' Excella
xxxxx , xxxxxx
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I agree on lack of storage in a 25. Mine has plenty of space for small stuff, but very little for large items.

I am glad it does not have a dinette. I dislike them and find most uncomfortable. I can fold up the two tables and use two small camp chairs foe comfortable seating for 4.
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We began camping with everything that would fit in a backpack or canoe, then a VW convertible, then a VW Camper.

Our Flying Cloud 25 seems pretty spacious, and is. It has to stop somewhere, why not here she asks.
Doug and Cheryl
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2016 30' International
Scottsdale , Arizona
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We don't have either size that you are considering, though we spent a good bit of time sitting in them and envisioning how it would feel to live in them for a few weeks or a couple of months at a time.

As a couple, our choice was the 30', and we still find this to be a tight fit! Others would feel differently, as we each have different perspectives on RVing (some call "camping".) Ultimately, however, only each individual/couple can determine for themselves what size and layout would work for best for their particular needs, desires, and style.

In addition to enjoying the great outdoors, when we travel, we also spend a good bit of time inside our RV. So the space and layout inside was more important to us than the ability to fit in the smallest of spaces. We've found plenty of wonderful sites in National Forest and State campgrounds that we can get into with our 30'. Our inside the trailer time revolves around: my wife likes to cooks wonderful meals (she needs some decent space to store the makings and to make the makings), we enjoy watching movies, reclining with a book or an iPad reading, etc. We find Airstreams to be particularly compact feeling inside and relatively tight for storage capacity. But we do enjoy the design, materials, and overall quality vs. most other trailers... so we choose an Airstream.

Three things of importance to us: seating comfort, sleeping comfort, and having a dinette (not necessarily to sit at, but for the additional counter/table space used for all manner of purposes - load-in, meal prep, occasional workspace, etc. Honestly, we can't imagine not having a dinette in a trailer. The dinette top space is exceptionally valuable real estate. We also determined that only recliners would meet our needs for long term sitting comfort... thus, we went with the 30'. Your desires and needs may differ drastically from ours, so...

The best advice that I can offer from our shopping and Airstreaming experience is go to the dealers and spend a LOT of time sitting in the models you are seriously considering. Narrow it down to just 2, 3 at the most and then dig in really deeply. Don't just walk in, do a leisurely walk through a few times and base your decision on that. You really have to sit in each model for an extended period of time. I'd say spend at least an hour in each one, fully envisioning yourself living with that trailer for years to come. You need to feel how it feels to be in it and envision how it would feel packed with your food, dishes, pots, pans, clothes, computers, whatever else you would want to bring along.

Where would your clothes go? Is the space adequate?

Where would the food go?

Where would the dishes, pots, pans, plates, glassware and such go?

How would it feel to dress and undress in the bedroom area?

Where would you sit when you are in the trailer for an extended period, say during bad weather, or in the evening for a few hours?

Would you be comfortable sitting there for a couple of hours watching a movie (if you like that sort of thing)?

Is the storage space adequate for whatever else you would want to have with you?

Do you have a pet? Where would the pet's "spot" be? The pet's food station? A litter box, perhaps?

It's easy to buy something a bit impulsively, that someone else tells you is wonderful, and ultimately come to the realization that you made a bad choice for yourself.

It's easy to do a brief walk through an RV, any RV, and think that you really like it.

But there are so many other things to consider when you take the time to very thoroughly evaluate the suitability of the space and the floorplan.

I'm not advocating for large or small, FB or RB, only you can make the call, but
you mentioned that you would want to keep this trailer for decades. Given that degree of semi-permanence... the more time you take to thoroughly evaluate this decision the better!
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Also look at the new Flying Cloud 26U which is between the 25 group and the 27/28 group. We walked into one at the International and while the bedroom was spacious with the cross frame bed, access is the same as in the 25FB. The hallway feels snug, almost train like, but the front sitting area and the customizable table are nice features as well as an arm to swing the TV out the door to view from outside (now really!).
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2014 31' Classic model 30 twin beds, 50 amp service, 900 watt solar system, Centramatics, Dill TPMS, disc brakes, 16" tires & wheels
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2007 28' Classic
Ivanhoe , Virginia
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We had been going back and forth between the 25' rear twin bed model and the 28 twin. We didn't like the tv watching options in the 25, except going into the bedroom. I like my husband out of the way when I'm in the kitchen and the 28 allows that--either the bedroom or the sofa, and I can still use the dinette table for extra prep area. We like the extra hanging closet and shelf closet at the foot of the twin beds in the 28. I would like a pantry but not enough to go with the 25. Also wanted the micro convection and not the regular oven. I don't think only having two kitchen drawers will bother me as we have four now and the bottom one holds dish towels, the third holds knife storage, second utensils and top eating utensils. So, our decision is made and we should have our new 28 in about three weeks. This will be our 10th RV, yes tenth, in over 40 years so we have a pretty good idea what will work and what won't, having been there. We drove five hours, one way, last weekend to take another look and it was worth the long day. And, BTW, there has never been a campground, public or private, that we couldn't get into due to the size of our rig. Good luck on your decision!!!
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Gram, include your TV into your decision. The 25 to 28 range is where most would say you need to think about bigger TV. I know many will tow most anything with a 1/2 ton truck or even Chrysler 300 (see Cam AM posts), but generally that 27 - 28 foot range is where most start to think of 3/4 ton tow and diesel power, etc.
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2014 27' FB Classic
Cassopolis , Michigan
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We've owned a 28 Queen Safari, a 25 Safari twin, and now have a 27FB Classic twin. They can all go anywhere you feel like camping. The Classic version is much heavier and we are probably going to start towing with a pickup rather than our trusty Expedition.

The 25 gets claustrophobic on rainy days. 28 is the best for those days, and the 27 is a compromise that we can live with.

We prefer the twin bed versions, especially for a 27 FB unit which has its largest outside storage space behind the LP tanks (i.e., you can't put big stuff like grills or lawn chairs in there). With a twin you get additional much needed and far more accessible outside storage spaces. They still can't hold a grill or a regular lawn chair, however!
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Hi from AZ. . .we had a Safari 25 which I was happy with but her, not so much. The FC 28 'feels' bigger, she loves the dinette, & a shower you can actually get in. As they say. . .happy wife etc. . . regards Craig
WBCCI 2851,4CU
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2015 27' Flying Cloud
Portland , Oregon
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We have a 27 FB flying cloud and do love it. You can walk around the bed easily, which was a big plus for my husband. But the main thing for us is the front bedroom. Most often when you back into a spot, the view is out the back (the part not attached to the truck). You don't need a view of the back of the truck when you're sleeping, right? This isn't always true, but mostly true and I'm so glad he insisted on the front bedroom. I love the 28' layout but there is no front bedroom so we are sticking with the 27. We camp with friends who have a 25 and so far, there hasn't been a place we couldn't get into that they could. Another thing I love about the 27 is the bigger closet and the bigger pantry than the 25.

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We had a 25 Classic for 15 years, finally found a 30 Classic we've had approximately 5 years. We love the 30, mainly for reasons stated above, the dinette is always ready for use and it just feels more comfortable overall. For the extra 5 feet, seems like a lot when you're inside. The 30 also has a queen bed in rear, whereas the 25 had single beds and I could not stretch out (6'3").

Now that we finally have what we've always wanted, we're beginning to have health issues, and have discussed possibly selling in near future. Tough decision, as we looked for the present Classic 30 for over 5 years before locating just the right unit.

We recommend the 30 over the 25, simply because we've been there. Best of luck on your decision.

Curt, Joan and "BonJovi"
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