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2015 FC Bunk with that is leaking like a sieve!!!

We purchased our first Airstream last July and loved it. It was a beautiful 23D Serenity International.
Took it out on many adventures, and soon discovered that my family of 4 and amy son’s friends were too much for the 23ft and upgraded to the 2015 30ft bh.
We LOVE the space.
However, since our purchase and first trip out in March 2015 we have had water leakage.
I reported the water around the base of the toilet to the service and sales manager and he said he could not reproduce it.....
We took it out on another trip with me instructing my boys if they “miss,” they will be using the camp facilities.
Well, it did not take long to see water seeping out from all around the base of the toilet again and it traveled thru the bathroom to under the bunk.
I took a picture and attached it to the dealer owner and sales manager
Towed her back in and left it. 4 weeks later, I called to get status, and was informed, OHH WE located a crack in the back of the toilet.
OK..... but I reported water leakage from our first trip out and you said you could not “reproduce it!”
Well, after a month back in the shop to replace the toilet and fix the electrical issues...(could not use tv or dvd due to wiring issues.) We excitedly picked her up for our Memorial Weekend.
Alas we were told she was thouroughly checked out and is in top shape!
We travel 4 hours away, unhitch, level, and commence with the festivities.
Well, a few hours later a huge puddle of water is by the pantry. I show my husband and think this is odd....maybe with setup something leaked or a 1 off.
Fast forward during the next 3 days and significant amounts of water is seeping thru the toe kick along the sink and galley.
We were camping with a fellow Airstreamer who happens to be a plumber and he looked under the sinks (bathroom and kitchen) and could not find the source.
The water was voluminous and it warped and lifted the fake wood toe kick and soaked our rugs.
We took it straight back to the dealer/shop on Monday memorial day where it has sat and we are being told once again “WE CAN’T REPRODUCE IT!!!!”
I have reached out to Airstream in Ohio and they supposedly are sending the trailer’s schematics to the mechanic to look for crimps in the line, but we have lost all faith in the service department.
We willingly and excitedly upgraded to the bunk 8 months after purchasing our first brand new unit, and are VERY DISAPPOINTED with the lack of quality and the lack of know how from the service department.
We clearly have a lemon and now it is the 10th of June without our unit to enjoy during my children’s summer vacation.

Please help.
Thank you and MY APOLOGIES for the long rant.
Very Frustrated.
P.S. we are located in southern california

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Tell your dealer to send it back to the mothership, at their expense, to have it really fixed.

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The plumbing system has no allowance for expansion when the water heater is turned on, except for a air chamber (like a bubble) in the top of the water heater.

If that bubble of air is not present, when the water heater is turned on with propane, and even more so with electric, the heated water will expand and find the weakest connection in the plumbing system and water will leak out. Sometimes this is the water heater temperature/pressure relief valve, sometimes a connection somewhere else.

This is a common problem, only present when the water heater is on, otherwise they "won't be able to reproduce it". Two fixes are (1) turn the water heater off when not being used and (2) restore the bubble of air in the water heater.

To restore the bubble of air turn the water heater off and let it cool. Open the hot water faucet in the bathroom, then go out to the water heater and lift the tab on the pressure/temperature relief valve. Let the water drain out of the valve, and air to enter the water heater from the open bath faucet. (This air is the bubble in the water heater you need to cushion the hot water expansion in the plumbing system, it's designed to work that way.) After a couple of minutes let the tab on the relief valve snap shut. The expansion bubble in the water heater should be restored.

Note that the air bubble can be lost through absorption into the hot water over time, or forced out of the relief valve if the water gets too hot, too long. The answer to that is installing a water pressure accumulator in the plumbing system, not difficult.

This may or may not be your leakage problem, or it may be compounding the problem, but a place to look first. And a really easy fix if it is.

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Wow... that is not good. Since the 'leak' was previously only at the toilet, the 'water line' to it is the most likely place to look.

Cheryl's post has good info. Part of 'setting up' so it works properly.. It is not 'absolutely necessary' but is good to have the air bubble in the WH. The 'fresh water' system has a tank, usually near the sink, which allows water pressure to build when on the 'pump'... but also works with external 'city/rv' connections.

Your AS also has a 'pressure regulator' built in to the city water inlet.. so, there shouldn't be too much 'pressure' on the system..

Does the 'leak' happen on city or pump?

For your protection, document the situation in a registered letter to the dealer OWNER. In the note, request the problem be resolved at the Mothership... or, have them "send out" one of their technicians... and you meet them at the dealership.. This can be resolved... I would ask to meet the OWNER...ask for his assistance working with AS... suggest that AS send a technician... or a replacement AS... they can take this one back to AS and fix it..
Peace and Blessings..
WBCCI# 30676
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Thank you for your replies!
We do keep the water heater on so that we can wash our hands.
But interesting enough, we found the water puddles and seepage more pronounced after showers.....
I plan on calling the Mothership this am. We have owned her since March and she has been at the service department for 2 of the 3 months.
100K unit should not be having these issues.
I noticed the smell of mold in my pantry at my last trip.
I attached a few photos of where the seepage is occuring.
Thank you again!!!!
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Oh oh... Black mold is bad... Bring the AS to them!!!!
Peace and Blessings..
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Here are a few photos of our water issues.
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0432.jpg
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Name:	IMG_0524.jpg
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Name:	IMG_0526.jpg
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Did you happen to buy this trailer at Airstream, Los Angeles or Orange County? I ask because i have experienced nightmares in repair issues with this co-owned dealership. I have been in contact with them since March, when I picked up my new trailer, and they have promised to make things right, but have not. My issues are not as egregious as yours...I am waiting to see if they make this right for you. As you said, 100k is a lot and it should be perfect.
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Shell leak

We had a major leak issue day one with our 2015 fb FC. Knowing we could be in repair pergatory we bit the bullet and headed to the factory. We did not have droplet leaks but qt. we had to return again. Still not sure if we are out of the woods. It was closer to go to the factory than the dealer although our dealer Colonial has pressure testing and readily encouraged us to come out to them. Moral of the story. Go to the place that wants to resolve your issues but certainly, in writing, inform the corporation of your dealers I capabilities and lack of response.
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We got our 2014, 27 ft., FC in June of 2013. From the get-go we had water issues. It started the night that we were headed home from the dealer and were camped out. (The dealer is 450+ miles from home.) It was like the plumber at the factory, who worked on the right side of the AS, was on dope or dog food. Because of the distance, I decided not to go back to the dealer. (I'm also pretty mechanical.) By sending email pics to the dealer with my comments, they guided me thru the repairs and sent all needed parts. Here's what was wrong: in the galley, the drain pipe was not correctly attached to the p-trap causing major leak; the water filter in galley was not attached to the wall; the entire length of the drain pipe running along the right wall (under galley counters) was not attached to anything, and the angle ran toward the sink - not away; the hot water heater pex pipe was leaking steadily. Although I did all the work myself, I did locate another dealer that had just opened recently. He did an inspection and did a little fine tuning on my job. Everything has been working great for the past 2 years with about 20,000 miles on it. Good luck in your venture.
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We had water on the floor after showering do to an improperly supported shower bottom. I removed the panel at the edge of the shower and jammed layers of quarter inch plywood under neath. That was the only way we could make a caulk job last. It's OK now.
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Regarding water after showering: We owned an ’05 bunkhouse for eight years and had the following issue. It is inherent to the design of the door, as the water has to go somewhere. The 30BH has a shower door that is flexible plastic that rolls up like a window shade to the side of the door when you open it. The water on the door from showering will drip out of the bottom where the door rolls up. You will have to place a small towel at the bottom of this point to collect the water that drains out.
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So sorry to hear of the leak issue. What a disappointment for you all.

I second the opinion that the whole
Trailer should go back to JC and be dealt with by them. Water damage has already occurred and given the very poor, inexcusable, service you have received from your dealer it is plain to see that they are not the place to go to fix something of this nature.

Keep us posted.
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Wow, so sorry to hear that. Hope I never ever need service in those areas of Ca. Purchase a new 2014 Airstream from Foley's at Gulfport, Al and have had to bring it back 4 times. All minor, but the most inportant thing is that they were really helpful and fixed the problem every trip. Really happy with their service dept. Why can't all dealers be this caring and responsible. You now have a damaged unit at this point. The factory can fix it, but that's not the point. Your dealer should have been your first and last stop.. Bottom line is, our dealer cared. Your doesn't. Basically they sell, but don't service. That slogon should be on a sign out front of their establishment and Airstream needs to step in.
Good Luck !

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