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Solo? Should I go 19 or 25 feet?

OK...We're looking at the Safari 19' and the Safari 25'...and for two people and longer trips the 25' looks great....However, since I get more vacation time , I was thinking of takin' some trips myself...Is a 25' too much to handle for one person if you get a "system" figured out (I've driven large busses and smaller boat trailers)...or should we stick with the 19' if I'm thinkin' of doin' much soloing....?

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We have a 1964 19' GlobeTrotter, just the two of us. I always thought it was big enough. However, this last year I traveled quite a bit by myself...very comfortably, I might add. I LOVE our trailer and am not in the market to 'go longer' (right now) however, it does feel alot smaller when there are two of us using it. Especially now, that' I've had it by myself so much, before I never noticed it.

While new trailers are wider than vintage ones, they are also more built-out or overstuffed so I would think the smallness would be noticed even more.

What about a compromise with a 22-footer.


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Originally Posted by Lamb & Elk
OK...We're looking at the Safari 19' and the Safari 25'...and for two people and longer trips the 25' looks great....However, since I get more vacation time , I was thinking of takin' some trips myself...Is a 25' too much to handle for one person if you get a "system" figured out (I've driven large busses and smaller boat trailers)...or should we stick with the 19' if I'm thinkin' of doin' much soloing....?
I used to have a 99 19' Bambi. When I traveled alone is was OK even though I thought the bed was too small. When my wife traveled with me the bed turned out to be a "deal breaker", 48"X75" is just too small for a 5'10" man & a 5'8" woman.

I have traveled alone with our 30' Excella and find it no more difficult to deal with then the 19 footer was.
Steve Heywood
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Originally Posted by Lamb & Elk
.Is a 25' too much to handle for one person if you get a "system" figured out
Quite honestly your second person doesn't provide much help except for Patty does get things set up inside while I'm busy setting up the outside things. Awnings, electrical, hoses, etc. The length of the trailer seems to be inconsequential.

A longer trailer only affects me in the fact that I can put in more "stuff".

Jack Canavera
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Size does matter, Bigger is better. Seriously I think the two axels for safety and the extra room will be appreciated by most. Its no more difficult to hook up or tow.
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Try 22 or 23

I travelled extensively by myself in a 22 International and it was simply great for one person and one cat. With a second person and a second cat, it was way too small and we upgraded to a 25 and finally to a 28.

Additional length is simply no problem except that with the longer trailer I have to be more careful not to get into places such as tight parking lots that were no problem with the shorter trailer. The longer trailer is way easier to back. Since my wife is simply no help, I do the backing alone even when she is present.

I would go at least to a 22 or 23 for the dual axles and more room than a 19. The 25 would be great, also, but more than you really need.
John W. Irwin
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I would go with the 25' Safari for a number of reasons. One is the number of different floor plans available in the Safari and Safari Special Edition from which you can choose to suit both you and your wife. Second, one floorplan (25' Safari) allows you to close off the large bed in the back of the trailer if one of you decides to go to bed earlier than the other. Third, there is more room to move about when both of you travel. Consider what might happen should you run into bad weather and have to sit in the trailer all day. Fourth, you won't notice much difference in the towing so you might as well go with the 25'.

I tow a '77 Excella 500 31' and an '86 Sovereign 25'. I can tell the difference between these two trailers and find the 25' a little easier to maneuver in campgrounds. I find the 25' easy to handle by myself, plenty of room and enough room for my wife or one of my kids. Going to a 19' would not allow the storage space I need just for myself but that is another story. Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much for the info...
That bed is mighty small for two people (especially for long trips *smile*) in the 19'...My main concern was the backing problem in the 25'....but it sounds like that there really isn't much of a difference...and on a long rainy trip, the 25' could save the relationship *laugh*
And yes, we love the layout of the gives a lot of options....
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You've come to the right place for opinions from experience -- welcome aboard!

Having recently acquired a 25' FB SE with twin beds, I am ecstatic about the amount of storage space aboard. Unlike the queen version with one small outside storage door, the twin bed version has three -- of darned good size too! This is very difficult info to find at or at a dealer, unless the latter actually had both models in stock. Any 25' has a lot more storage space than a 22' -- which matters to my longer term roving plans.

Be aware that the 25' queen bed has minimal walkaround space, in spite of the suggestions in the floor plans. Nothing beats actually seeing one or the other -- we'd been analyzing this for years, tho didn't make a decision to go 'new' until 5 months ago. Some people don't like corner master beds -- be sure to look at some of those in person.

8'6" wide backs up a lot bigger than my 8" wide Argosy. I have confidence in backing but don't have any qualms about getting out and looking a number of times to make sure I'm headed in the right direction. In spite of having a partner much of the time I must assure myself on this -- and don't want it to become a major issue against the other party should metal get bent!

Develop good habits -- have checklists for arrival and departure steps. Do a walkaround at every departure. Be alert, fresh, and unhurried -- it'll be a much happier experience!

5 meter Langford Nahanni

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We've owned trailers with twins and with the pedestal queen. Spending 4 months at a time out, we came to not like the twins. One side of the twin bed was always up against a cold wall (or hot in the summer), and the twin beds were a bear to make. At least that was the excuse my wife used to keep the linens on an extra couple days. I converted our twin bed Excella 25 to a short queen and it is fabulous. The short queen mattress is just as comfortable as our bed at home. You wouldn't have the option of the queen mattress with the Safari 19. After you have been out for a while, comfort becomes really important.
So Long!
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Rivet Solo with 25/19 Safari

I have a 2005 Safari 25. My wife is scared to death in attempting to drive. The easy part is hitching up. Even backing up at a half decent park is easy enough. It just requires you getting out of the truck to make sure you're clear in the back.

I've gone alone a few times. Scary at first but all it takes is "Patiences".

Unless you're physically handicaped, Yes, get the smaller of the two. But with your experience, you should be able to handle a 25 with no sweat!

Best of luck in which ever one you decide to purchase.

Rick Provencio
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Sounds like you have been convinced - go with the 25.

We have a 21 - 8' wide single axle and a 26 7.5' wide double axle. From our experience - which is not much They both have their advantages and disadvantes.

The little one is easy to maneuver in really tight spots - but then when you finish for the day - the sleeping becomes the really tight spot. 6.2 and 5.4 and 3.1 (Golden Retriever) all on the 48 x 75 is a Holiday spoiler (thank goodness the black Lab picks a less crowded spot).

The Hubby can sleep on a rock - so we changed the sleeping arrangements I get the double and he sleeps up front with Taz on the other single - but then we are making beds up all the time. and as we get older - this will become I am sure a pain in the &^%

With the 26 which we are not camping in yet - just used it three times - pickup and the two times to drop off and pick up at Axis. I found the singles not bad - got a better idea of sleeping in singles (5 inches thinner) on our holiday in the Globe Trotter they were tight! but still better than sharing a tiny double.

We both drive - and BOTH back up - and for you Ladies out there - do not be discouraged - it is not has hard as you think - once the little light comes on - women are actually a little better at times because we have more patience - and the big one - we don't care what other people think how we are doing.

The key as mentioned here - is when you are backing up 50K plus - stepping out once or a 100 times is your perogative.

Although longer - the tandem is easier to back in - singles quite often get over corrected to easily - which can get a bit frustrating if you do not have the room to maneuver.

As far as pulling either - the only difference I notice - is a can certainly see more side to side with the 7.5 - but that does not help you - with the new Safari's they are all 8'+.

For a single the 19 would be plenty big enough - but for two it would get cramped so I would definitely go bigger - and if you can afford the 25 I would skip right over the 22 to get more storage and elbow room.

If the cards ever dropped in our favour to get a newer one - then we would get the 25 no question. If we were dealt a great hand - then the upgrade tow vehicle would be in order so we would go for the ideal size the 28 I think the 28 gives you that extra space - for over wintering situations - 6 months at a time. 25 gives me a couple of months in one place - but could manage the "on the road" style - always moving so it seems bigger.

What is that saying - by a size bigger - because of shrinkage - well as you get older it is not the trailer that will shrink........

Get in them - jump on the beds - find a dealer who might even let you stay in one overnight on the lot (yes now would'nt that be a cool selling feature) - have a 25 footer available for rental - dealer tow and pick up from a local camp ground - or how about your own driveway - Or better still - each dealer set up a "pad" full hook ups and have a demo available. - in a perfect world......

Good luck with your decision - with lots of reasearch and patience - you will make the best decision for your own life styles. But if you end up not too happy - you can always get great advice here on how to make Mods
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From a solo traveler for what its worth

The vast majority of my travel is solo although I do have others along on occasion. This summer I purchased a 24ft tradewind and have used it quite a bit. First of all I agree two axles are better than one and gains in storage space is disporportional for every foot over 20. And as somebody mentioned with a short unit you can expect to spend alot of time making up and taking apart beds (which I detest). The only thing I wish my coach had would be a little more room in the living area (front) but that would argue for a longer rather than shorter unit. The coach is a breeze to pull and set up, no problem at all for a solo traveler. I like the fact that my coach is narrow, and I would recomend thinking vintage on that basis alone. So thats one solo travelers take on coach size, that and $5 will probally get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

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19 or 25

I love everything about my 19'er except sharing it.I solo most of the time and it is perfect!If you love your wife give her BIGGER!Th more room the happier the camper.

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