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Question Pan America Toy Hauler

Does anyone own one of these - I cannot find any Forums on them. A toy hauler is what I want and this one looks great.

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Welcome to the forums. It's a nice looking AS. I haven't seen anything here about them either. The only place I've seem or heard anything about them is on the net.

The 1400lb tongue weight would drown my poor F150! lol


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Greetings from the Florida Panhandle

Welcome to the Forums. We're glad to have you with us.

I have yet to see a Pan America on the road. I have been in one at the Airstream dealer in Eugene, Oregon. It's pretty cool. The living area is about equivalent to a 25 footer.

I have not seen anyone with a Pan America post on the Forums, but there are a number of 34 footers here are the Forums who can comment on dealing with a travel trailer of that size.

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This past weekend I toured one at the terraport.

If you like Airstreams, and need a toy hauler, than you will like this!

The "garage" is outfitted very nicely. It has a couple of chrome cabinets, a fantastic fan, and a roll down screen over the ramp. I'm not familure with how these garages work, but this one really looked cool!

The interior living area had very nice finishes, chrome, perforated, laminated walls, and a nice kitchen. Limited on lounge area though. Bedroom look typical.

Overall, I'd certainly consider it if I was making six figures and needed one.
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The “Ohio Airstreamer -- Informal forum for weekend camping” thread.
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Originally Posted by Alwhisman View Post
Welcome to the forums. It's a nice looking AS. I haven't seen anything here about them either. The only place I've seem or heard anything about them is on the net.

The 1400lb tongue weight would drown my poor F150! lol

Wow, I just checked, the tonge weight is 1475lbs per airstream's site. Is there a reciever hitch made that is rated for that much weight? I was under the impression 1000lb was the max? I'm pretty sure my F250 SuperDuty would have issues with a 1475lb tongue weight.
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Looks like the tongue weight is down a little in 2010 to 1260 lbs. Still very heavy. Colonial Airstream - Airstream 2010 PanAmerica 34' Toy Hauler Travel Trailer RV NJ


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The very first Airstream I ever saw in person was actually a Pan. The dealership in Paso Robles has one (Sky River). I like the layout very much. Not your standard Airstreams interior, I found the Pan very unique. Very liveable space.
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Bill Thomas Camper Sales (the St. Louis Airstream Dealer) had one on his lot. He had it down here at the spring RV show.

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pan am support group or a bicycle built for two...?

Originally Posted by alamopokeymo View Post
Does anyone own one of these ...
hi pokeymo

YES a couple of dealers 'own' one...

and there has been 1 listed on ebay several times without selling.

so i wonder if u r really looking, or helping to advertise for the desperate vendors trying to MOVE those units?

many threads on this thing, here are 2 and an ezine story...

Airstream PanAmerican: Same Iconic Shape, New Opening | Rvs And Motorhomes Blog & Discussions at Truck Trend Magazine

there was also a piece written by richL in asl a few quarters ago, that edition is still available IF you wanna read more.

Originally Posted by Airstream01 View Post

...I was under the impression 1000lb was the max?

I'm pretty sure my F250 SuperDuty would have issues with a 1475lb tongue weight.
well IF 1k is the tongue max all of the folks with 28 slides, 30 slides, 34 slides, 34s, and 30/31s built in the last 10 years, are in trouble...

actually we might be anyway.

1400 lbs is a bunch, but IF one loads enough crap in the rear pod bay, tongue mass will be reduced...

not that i'm suggesting ne1 do that, who wants to tow a teeter totter ?

but the f250 (depending on year) can handle that tongue mass with a class V receiver.

i've spent a few hours poking around INSIDE this model, it's an interesting idea...

but not well executed.

1. the pod bay door and RAMP are NOT well done, it is cumbersome to open and doesn't seal up well when closed.

and the ramp isn't solid enough imo.

it would be a challenge to load/unload STUFF from the rear position in a LOT of parking locations...

think slanted/graded spots or TREES at the back or concrete bumper at the overhang space in many state park slots.

2. the haul space is TOO big. no one is gonna fully load it (without more cabinetry)

and the weight restriction limits putting LOTs of heavy toys with engines back there.

the space could be smaller and with a SIDE DOOR/ramp.

this would still allow for motorbikes, bikes, yaks, scooters, garden plows or a variety of campin' toys.

i'm not convinced they have SOLVED the petrol FUMES issue either.

3. this is NOT a classic trim model. the interior is more of a downscale safari.

tastes aside that means it doesn't have FULL awnings and NO beltline trim...

hello (corrosion) what's with that!

drum brakes, fewer appointments and lots of glued parts and laminates.

the photoz help the unit to LOOK much nicer than it is. the table is a neat gadget.

i found the fit/finish to be very poor, otoh the EMPTY parts of the pod space r nicely finished.

4. the living space is interesting but VERY TIGHT for a 34.

galley is REALLY small, bed room cramped (side mounted bed) and the LOUNGE space is FACING the stove and sink.

fridge is in a weird spot, and there is almost NO closet/interior storage space.

do ya wanna keep clothes and linens and food in the POD bay hal?

it is really really tight inside and not in a good way. 2-3 people would be almost impossible to fit comfortably.

serious toy haulers are BEEFY and with rugged ramps and vault like closing.

no 2-motorbike crew or 4 wheeler crowd would want this layout, build or PRICE.

still the idea has potential, i'd love to have a 4-5 foot inside/walled off storage space for bikes, campsite gear, a genset and media center.

folks could outfit the pan-am hauler space with a kiosk, vendor display, office equipment and so on...

but there are so many easier ways to do that and in much less expensive trim.

apparently the a/s engineers and builders have sorted out HOW to strengthen the frame for this unit...

TOO BAD they haven't applied that fix or thinking to normal units...


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a friend with a '06 34 is looking at getting a Panamrica, and use the rear garage as storage on the road and a rec room/den when parked, not sure how that will work out.
I have a 34ft slide out lounge, so I have 1500 plus hitch weight, have a hensley and seems to be fine.
Might be making a lifestyle change, have a harley and a segway and would put them in the garage..
I wonder how many have been produced?
and have heard of badly leaking rear doors?
that all being said.
Considering both Airstream and Harley are "American Icons"
why hasn't Jackson Center thought of a "Harley Davidson" edition Panamerica?
you could tow your Harley Davidson Panamerica, with your Harley Davidson Ford, with your Harley Davidsons in the back
This seems like a no brainer.
I thought my 2004 Classic Limited Slideout was rare, but I think the Panamerica has me beat
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Not 100% certain but think the Pan America has been discontinued. Another Airstream Edsel - after the Base Camp.
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I have often thought that the "garage" would make a great living room for full timing. One could add wrap around windows in the rear, a large flat screen on the galley wall, many opportunities to make a nice trailer from an "Edsel".
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according to don the tourman at the a/s factory...

the PANNEDam has been essentially d/cd.

one can apparently still ORDER 1, at least for now.

and ford no longer makes a HARLEY D' edition of the superduty.

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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My 2 cents.

Hi, this trailer/hauler has/had potential, but needs more work. As for the Safari interior, I'm OK with that, being that some dirt bikes or whatever will be back there. But if you are going to have a Safari interior/exterior, then it should have a Safari price tag also. At this price it should have been dressed up as a Classic. As for comparing it to an Edsel, they both came out during the wrong time for the economy. We don't need or want new gadgets, [trailers] we want the existing ones refined and built better.


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