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What do you love about your Airstream trailer?

I've read several times in posts that they would never own anything but an Airstream. I would love to know what is it that you love about your Airstream that you wouldn't get in a trailer made by a different company.

I have a real fascination with Airstream but my husband doesn't understand what is so special about them.

Anyone willing to share?

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Originally Posted by yorkiebeebs View Post
I've read several times in posts that they would never own anything but an Airstream. I would love to know what is it that you love about your Airstream that you wouldn't get in a trailer made by a different company.

I have a real fascination with Airstream but my husband doesn't understand what is so special about them.

Anyone willing to share?
As for us, and we're relatively new at this but looked for years...pretty simple. Step into any SOB and look around, and sit down for as long as you need. Imagine spending some time in there. Then do the same in an AS. Chances are you'll come a quick decision especially comparing towing and road stability aspects.


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This is a great question. For me buying an Airstream was an emotional (in a good way) purchase as most high dollar purchases tend to be. Rarely can a decision such as this one be justified from a financial investment stand point and an Airstream is no exception. Airstreams tend to depreciate slower than other trailers and generally last significantly longer than another trailer but it is not a financial investment. It is essentially, to me, an amazing, great looking travel toy that allows us to stay in beautiful places in the great outdoors in complete comfort! So, it allows for wonderful experiences.

So, why an Airstream vs another trailer manufacturer? How does the Airstream "feel" when you are in it and when you look at it? Then compare to other trailers and see which make and model feel the best to you and your husband. If you can afford the one you like best then you're on your way!

You can justify by comparing features, etc., but at the end of the day we tend to buy what we like and what we think we will be happiest with for a while.

I hope your process is a fun one for both of you!
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Wink Special?.....if you have to ask, you don't understand.

..... it's now 12yrs old and we no longer fret the small stuff.

Sweet Streams...

"We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don't know."
W. H. Auden

"The hardest thing about Airstreaming, clearing your head and accepting how others feel itís supposed to be done"Ö..

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We went to the RV show a couple of years ago.

I had grown up in a tiny tent trailer, and so anything we saw was amazing.

When we went to the show initially I wanted to see the teardrops, but they were panic-inducingly small for me. (not a judgement, but they were not for us). Felt like a coffin. I literally could not do it.

We kind of liked a small micro light SOB that had a good layout and size for us. The SOB sales rep was there and was quite knowledgeable and spoke to us for a good 1/2 hour. We liked the size and layout, but didn't really care for with some of the low-scale finishes used.
And it was a bit dark inside, with small windows.

That year AS was also at the RV show. (they don't have a dealer in our city. The dealer there had come 4 hours away to the show). The only other thing we liked were the airstreams.

Of course the AS at the show were all the big fancy ones, but they were so nice. And that dealer had a salesperson or factory rep (can't remember for sure) who had just retired. (so not selling anymore, and not getting commission on any show sales). He was so knowledgable and spent probably 45 minutes with us talking about features, and construction, and pointing out the difference between AS and the SOBs.

When it was all said and done, we went back the next day and looked at the microlite and the AS.

Then we found this forum and learned more about AS. Went and saw them in person at 4 dealers. We ended up with the 22, which ironically has basically the same layout as the SOB we liked (without the slide of course). I am a KISS person, and did not like the power this and that on the SOB. To me these are just problems waiting to happen to drain my bank account and cast a pall over my vacation. I liked how the AS had a crank out awning, no slides, few moving parts to interrupt a trip, and was so sunny and bright inside.

And my AS has so many windows that open -6 of them plus the screen door and roof vent. Great for the mountains.

I guess all in all we felt like buying the AS was a set-it-and-forget-it decision we would probably only need to make once.

Piggy Bank
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My wife and I are still fairly young (around 40), but my parents have camped for years so we were a little familiar with various RV's and wanted to be able to go camping with them. We literally looked off and on for five years. We looked at Class A, B, and C motorhomes and just about every type of travel trailer on the east coast. Then one day I made the mistake of walking in an Airstream. Nothing else gave me the same WOW effect. I brought my wife back and she felt the same way. The prices were crazy high compared to everything else we had looked at. We could get a new (pick any brand) travel trailer for mid 20's or an Airstream for 80K. We ended up deciding a used Airstream was better than a new SOB (for us anyway). We love ours and have not regretted it. It does have less room due to no slide outs, but we typically do not do aerobics in the trailer anyway..., so no big deal for us. With all the windows and the wrap around window on the end caps it actually feels bigger to us when we are sitting inside. As others have said, I just do not think the cost can be justified though. Instead it is just something you like and want so you do it, because you know it will make you smile every time you walk in it.
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Our Airstream will turn 50 next year. How many other brands are still on the road after all that time.
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It's an iconic brand that brings looks where ever it goes. Ours is 48 years old. We've been camping in it for 28 years. It has not been restored or polished and it's got a few dings but it is still comfortable and draws admiring looks.
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It's entirely emotional for many. All our problems/challenges aside.

Airstreams are gorgeous from a design standpoint: shining aluminum aerodynamic bullets from the past. Jewelled with aircraft rivets, they are at once stunning visually while being quintessentially utilitarian. The ultimate compact aerodynamic home with clever conservation of space. It's a retro view of the future and a tie to the past where everything was possible.

Wraparound windows. The arched aircraft door. Those little horizontal upper windows for watching the stars or the mountains. The goofy aluminum screen door. The characteristic striped awning.

It's also a personal statement. Given the huge number of customized Airstreams out there, it's a blank canvas for imagination and whenever I see one, I want to see what the owner did inside. Original? Retro? Comfortable home? Kitschy classic? Futuristic?

My dream is to tow mine behind a 1960 Cadillac and enjoy the Jet Age, quietly slipping through the wind and seeking adventure.

Emotional? Absolutely.
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Smile We are Newbies to AS and glamping

My husband had it in his head that only AS would do for our "Retirement Machine." He watched the classifieds for at least 3 yrs before we retired for real 15 months ago and then we both watched. The ones we liked (22-25ft and move-in ready) were all in distant states until one day there was a listing in our state and in our price range. We ended up purchasing a 28ft Excel Classic 1998 model. Longer than we thought we wanted but in good shape and nearly ready to go. Glad we had an opportunity to look at a it in person before we made the plunge. We have camped once close to home for a week to get to know it, which also included a rally of our Razorback Unit where we met other ASers and joined up. Last week we took it on a longer road trip for four nights and next week we'll be going with our grandkids for a few nights.
After walking into and around a couple SOBs which felt like wobbly tin cans, we are very glad we bought the AS. It feels like walking around a house. No shaking, wobbling. Our cabinets are oak and everything feels sturdy and long-lasting. It's not as glamorous as a new one but it seems to be able to put up with a lot of use. We are very happy with it even though it is bigger than we thought we wanted. We are glad to have the room and space. Can't wait to use it more.
Good luck. You'll be glad you did it!
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I suspect it was subliminal messaging that affected my strong desire to own an Airstream. I can not determine any other reason for spending more money for this wheeled-home-space than the cost of my first home. Total non-sense in the reality of things. Some other guesses: very shinny, attractive lure (if my fishy evolutionary past is real); the curves and angles have geometrical appeal to my limited engineering awareness; it is not 2' off the ground, tows easily and has a low friction coefficient; it is retro and artful in every respect; it is appointed with quality fixtures (mostly - cheesy light fixtures, ridiculous curved bed that is impossible to make up); it feels comfortable to be in (for me).

Note: my wife hates it and prefers my friends $14,000 unit that has a permanent table and walk-around bed -- caveat emptor.
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My AS is very much like me, old, rough around the edges, somewhat worn but dependable with plenty of heart and pleasant to look at though she looks better after a wash then I do.
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In the early seventies BC (before childeren) my wife and I tent camped quite a bit. We found it to be the best way to insure rainy weather. So as we reach retirement age we went looking for campers and thought a pop-up would be nice. Looked at the best available and found them to be flimsy and cheaply bulit and still a tent that had to have the seams waxed. Ended up with a very nice teardrop trailer, sturdy well built and aluminum on the outside! However like I said earlier we are about to retire and I'm not as hardy and robust as I thought I was,we sold it and bought a used AS Sport. Finally comfortable while camping. I agree with all the previous post classic retro style just makes me smile when I see it.
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Towability, Towability, Towability.....

Even with our midsized sedan TV the 23 tows so well. Never a hint of sway or restlessness.

Also, you can't beat that glare in the bright sunlight!

Airstreams..... The best towing trailers on the planet!
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