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Thing to consider is do you want to travel by yourself or sometimes with a group? The WBCCI caravans offer a good group, well planned travel, and low costs. Adds to the value of having an Airstream for us.
I do not think all airstreams leak, but some certainly do. Sitting parked for long periods of time might make the damage more severe. Many, many trailers have wood floors and in addition, the stick built trailers rot the upper frame and the skin when they leak, which is often. I think you have a lot better chance of finding a good used airstream than you do getting a perfect trailer new from a lot of other brands.

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We Have Wonderful Members in NM

Both the NM Unit 69 and Four Corners Unit of the WBCCI provide great rallies in the region. We will be at White Sands National Monument 16-19 Sep and Pancho Villa State Park south of Deming, NM for Thanksgiving. In between, we have the Balloon Fiesta Rally in Albuquerque. So, Bill M. is quite right.

Ken L
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"We have Wonderful Members in NM"

Aluma is not kidding you ... so here's a great idea for you: drop in to one of these rallies. No advance preparation needed.

I guarantee you will be welcome, you'll be invited to a terrific potluck dinner (don't worry if you don't bring anything - Airstreamers are fundamentally opposed to starvation), and you will be invited to tour a bunch of coaches, so you can see how they differ, how folks have modified them to "make them their own," etc.

I've been at several rallies where want-to-be-buyers have stopped in to chat, look etc. and they have all been warmly welcomed. You would be too. Guaranteed. Really.
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Ditto to the two previous posts. We woke up one morning and saw pictures and a brief article about a rally going on in a city very close to where we live. We drove over, were welcomed with open arms and drove away with a handwritten list of Airstreams for sale by people in that unit and other people they knew. We ended up buying ours off of that list. Definitely a good way to start your research and the buying process...
Chuck & Skye
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Am not sure if this is the website that the OP is referring to but I think it would be helpful to see the actual concerns of a blogger who had been pretty even handed about the issues she was having with her AS until JC seemed to deviate from agreement that she had wrought from them in face to face dealings. Not saying who is right or wrong here but thought folks here should be able to see posting before making judgement calls. So here is the link . . . The Silver Snail :: Why Airstream does not deserve the love :: FLOOR ROT IN 2007 LATE-MODEL AIRSTREAM
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I will come from the "other side". We purchased our 2007 19' Bambi SE two years ago. I am continually surprised at the quality and the ability of all the appliances to work so well. I am continually waiting to find a major problem, and have just been pleasantly surprised at the results after each camping trip. This forum has been of great help, especially since I have expected the worst, and eventually been pleasantly surprised.

So my advice, try it! If there are problems, the forum members are always ready to help. Don't expect too much, but be happy with the quality that is there. S.... happens, but being prepared and using this forum makes it all worthwhile.

Also, as a note, just wanted to say thanks to all the members willing to share their experience and for being more than willing to help.

Greg & Leslyn

PM us if in the neighborhood, we are on a farm 80 miles North of "Old Faithful". This is to all members.
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Regarding the Tundra, check out Consumer Reports Annual Auto Issue (April of every year) for reliability ratings. I think most of the problems on Tundras, since 2007 (the new model change) have been in 4WD models.

Our 2008 is a 2WD vehicle, and we have had absolutely no problems. We got 2WD because we don't take our pickup or Airstream offroad; and 4WD is more expensive to buy new, adds weight to the vehicle, and is something else to break over time. Besides, the Tundra 4WD is not "all-wheel drive" or "full-time 4WD"; it can only be used off-road on dirt, snow, etc. Driving a Tundra on dry pavement will damage the drive train. I suspect that living in southern New Mexico, you will probably not need 4WD, unless you frequently vacation in areas where it is snowy, icy or muddy.

Also, our Bambi has been used mainly in the southwest US, so it has rarely been in wet or freezing weather. So, it is in good condition with no "rot". It has a few water stains from rain, etc., but this was when we were on roadtrips out of state; and this has caused no permanent damage. If you use your Airstream to camp or boondock, you kind of expect a little wear and tear. However, it is relatively dry in Phoenix and the southwest; and we don't vacation in bad weather (at least, not on purpose).

I think others have made good points; any RV will eventually need repairs for leaks, etc. And, just like your house, you'll need to keep up with routine maintenance and repairs to keep it in good condition. You just can't ignore problems and hope for the best. I think this goes for homes, cars, boats, RVs -- and, Airstreams.
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Exclamation Just Wanted Information...

Originally Posted by Goal15 View Post
Not saying who is right or wrong here but thought folks here should be able to see posting before making judgement calls.
I am the "OP," and my intent wasn't to place blame. Rather, I wanted to find out about the "integrity" of Airstream trailers and their propensity (or not) to leak, since I'm seriously considering making a purchase.

I purposely did NOT include the name or link because I wanted to protect the privacy of the "owner in question." I don't think anyone here has make a "judgement call." Rather, I think folks have spoken from experience regarding the functionality, care and upkeep of their trailers - which is exactly what I was looking for!

I know from experience having a "vintage" (sometimes just another word for old), Toyota RV that upkeep is important. Just like someone commented, you need to "be on top" of issues, just like your car, house, etc...
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I have a late model (2008) A/S. Overall, I have been pleased with the build quality. In over 3 years of pretty heavy "weekend warrior" type usage, it is holding up extremely well.

Has it been perfect? No. We had a few very small issues that I consider to be initial build quality defects. All were repaired under warranty. None of them have cropped up again. The only repeated issue was a failure of the original microwave. It was replaced under warranty and then failed again about a month later. That one was replaced with a different model by the manufacturer of the microwave and has worked since.

I have had no issues with the plumbing or electrical system. I had a little problem with the factory power jack but that was finally resolved with a little troubleshooting by a friend of mine. There was really no repair cost to that other than a handful of fuses that we blew during the troubleshooting.

We had one leak that may have come from the factory. The sealant around the fridge vent would let water intrude when we towed in the rain. It didn't leak when we were sitting still though so it took a little effort to find.

I agree that "all trailers leak". That said, it is really down to properly maintaining them. Airstreams are certainly not exempt from the potential for leaking. There are many potential places for the water to intrude. You simply have to keep an eye on things and try and catch problems early. Pressurized leak detection every couple of years is probably a good idea.

Overall, I have been very pleased.

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i understand your wanting to get info from those with experience. and the use of the term judgement call wasn't mean to be a perjorative but rather one should use their best judgement based on available information to make decisions, which is exactly what you are seeking to do.

As to Silversnail's privacy. She writes a blog for the world to see and has been proactive in putting the word out, otherwise I would not have included the link.

we have 2006 safari and are very happy with it.

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Use the loop! I'm a newbie, baby, wanna be airstreamer. I can tall you absolutely, positively, without a doubt- if you post here that you need advice, warnings, or inspections- someone will lend a hand. It's kinda like internal affairs- the people on this loop that love their airstreams and the lifestyles hate those that would take advantage of their fellow streamers.

Trust in the loop Luke....

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We own a 1997 which passed into our hands in 2009. I am still chasing an intermittent and frustrating leak, but the trailer is solid and a joy to own. I actually find great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment finding and fixing the little things before they can become big issues.

I don't think you will be disappointed with an Airstream. Also, I will second the advice of stopping by an Airstream rally in your area and checking out the various trailers. If the WBCCI unit in NM is like ours here in GA, there will even be a few trailers for sale as well which belong to members who have purchased another Airstream and wish to pass the previous one on to someone else who will care for it.
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I was intimidated about the whole thing, but have learned to relax and figure out things (with the assistance of this forum which is a Godsend).

My new trailer was not perfect when delivered. There was a small leak in the bathroom wall seam; dealer has repaired it. A few other minor things cropped up; all fixed. I have been driveway camping since February. Am extremely pleased with my trailer. Has kept me warm and cozy in a Canadian winter, and cool during the summer heat. I love the look of it inside and out. Haven't put it through the real test - a road trip where everything will be put to use. Am going to do that in a few days.

I must confess - unit was bought with a lot of emotionalism. Just had a hankering to buy an "escape pod" - even if that escape was only a few feet from my front door!

Sometimes you have to just go for it and not look back. Learn along the way.....and enjoy.

As to what trailer you should buy, after perusing this site, there seems to be more of an issue with the trailers built from 2000 to 2009. I read somewhere that another company owned AS during part of this period. Some of the trailers had problems with the bumpers - no sealant was applied and rotted the back end. From what I gather, this issue has been rectified from 2010 on. I did not know about this before buying my trailer, so I guess going for broke was fortuitous.

Have towed my trailer to the dealer and back for repairs; towed very well.

Don't know what else to say....other than go for that gut instinct. It's non-scientific, I know, but I have no major regrets at this point in time. I have been nosey and looked at a lot of non AS trailers; everytime I do that, I am even more in love with my trailer than before.

All the best.
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Well said FAN,

We knew nothing about AS's back in '87 when we picked up our "first".
Don't even know if the Forum was around back then, it sure would have been a big help, but I really don't know if it would have had any effect at all in our decision to start this adventure.
We were "in love" and you all know how blind that can be.

Best advise...use this resource to the MAX.

It's hard to learn if you don't if you don't do something, anything, even if it's rong.


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